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Singang TownshipDing Cai Yuan Local MuseumJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2021-02-22Published by:Planning Section
Ding Cai Yuan Local Museum_Title Picture
Rural Hall roof garden is a CLA grants local plan Park, single-handedly built by Mr. Chen Minghui Chen Minghui is Chiayi, in order for people to not forget the early rural life, personally reproduced the 1930s Taiwan for 50 local rural life, the Hsinkang through creative thoughts in a native, life has not left the top garden, a brick and tile shape into a paradise park thorough rendering of the landscape of the agricultural era, and did not build the walls, and everywhere we can see the ingenuity of the utilization of waste, great local flavor. Taiwan, in the 1960s, farming utensils and household equipment in the park. Like a square table, stone, mortar, ox carts, old urns, old-fashioned telephone, mail boxes, red sleepless bed, bench, and the sale of household goods in the past miscellaneous even cars ... and so on. And even a unique Chiayi bus ticket booth, after being eliminated Chen Minghui preserved, but he produced the last in Chiayi an early passenger, can be said County Po-class treasures. Which all the relics, all put in a log cabin made of wooden telephone poles, unique flavor. The park also has a very distinctive pig inn. Early Taiwanese pig, with a savings of meaning, eats something to give the pig to eat, such as pigs and then take it to sell in exchange for money. Chen Minghui the Taiwanese in the past with the pig turned into the inn. Local museum include pottery, incense, organic fruits and vegetables, Newport, jelly, soy sauce, wine, turkey farm ... a variety of early industry, and in particular the planning space and experience of various industry exhibitions and sales, visitors free to enjoy the use of ancient relics, but also enjoy the barbecue, controlled kiln to catch frogs, catch loach network dragonflies, earthworms digging, gyro, and playing marbles and other childhood fun, is a well worth a visit recreation Park.
  • Tea making area of Granary
  • Tel
  • 886-5-7810313
  • By Car
  • 1.Zhongshan: exit the Chiayi Interchange →Along the Cia 159 County →Over speed rail bridge to Bei Gang
    2. Zhongshan: exit the Dalin Interchange →Along the Cia 162 County to Cia 157
  • By Bus
  • Take Jiayi transportation bus towards Beigang in Jiayi train station -> Get off Nantan station
  • Opening Times
  • Please refer to local announcement. Please call to ask.
  • Remark
  • No. 12, Dingcaiyuan, Gonghe Vil., Xingang Township, Chiayi County 61641, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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