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Alishan TownshipGiant Tree Plank Trail Join Trip
Last Change Time:2021-04-13Published by:Planning Section
Giant Tree Plank Trail _Title Picture
When Alishan’s sacred tree fell down naturally in 1998, ending its legendary life, the Giant Tree Plank Trail was built.
The forest recreation area’s Giant Tree Plank Trail has two phases at present, with Shenyi Bridge the dividing point. The first phase of the trail starts from the 1000 year old Formosan red cypress and ends at the remains of the sacred tree;it is 600 meters long and has 20 giant Formosan red cypress along it.
In 2001 the second phase of the Giant Tree Plank Trail was opened; starting from Shenyi Bridge, it is 450 meters long and has 21 Formosan red cypress along it.
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2679917
  • By Car
  • 1.From Taiwan Highway No.3 exit Zhong Pu Junction →towards Chu Kou,connect Alishan Highway and climb→through Chu Ko、Long Mei、Long Tou、Shi Zhao keep going,and can be reach.
    2.Zhongshan Highway :Exit Jiayi Junction→highway No. 159 to Jiayi city→Along provincial highway No18.(Shi Xian Rd.、Wu Feng South Rd.) connect Alishan climb→through Chu Ko、Long Mei、Long Tou、Shi Zhao keep going,and can be reach. comment: After exit highway junction,along the way has Forest Recreation Areas signage,end of Forest Recreation Areas's the gate :total 75km.
  • By Bus
  • Take Alishan Line transportation bus in Jiayi train station -> Get off final station Take Guoguang transportation bus in Taipei train station (Choose bus number: Guoguang, head to Alishan) Take Alishan small trial train to Alishan station. (stop opperating now) Note: Due to the low number of runs of scheduled public transportation, it is suggested to check the transportation schedule before you begin your trip.
  • Opening Times
  • According to the posting time, please call for details
  • Remark
  • Detailed opening hours are subjected to the information that has releasedSuggest that Self-drive tourists should fill the oil near Ding Liou before going on the mountains,because there are not open-all-day gas station in the later journey

    No. 59, Leye, Zhongzheng Vil., Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.) (In the Alishan Forest Recreation Park)
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  • Gao Shan Ching-Jhu Shan Shiuan Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Level A) of Chiayi County
    Gao Shan Ching-Jhu Shan Shiuan Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Level A) of Chiayi County
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