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Shueishang TownshipDing Tu Gou Butterfly Village Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-09Published by:Planning Section
Ding Tu Gou Butterfly Village _Title Picture
In the Water Township, Chiayi County and Taibao City at the junction of the TuVillage coated groove from the top and the next Tu ditch two tribal composition, is atypical migration of rural, the only community of the elderly and children. Living environment is deteriorating. The county government once hoped garbage dump in this setting, causing the strong protest of villagers, but also wake up the villagers ‘awareness of environmental protection, and in recent years, the Government in carrying out the overall community, combined with the awakening of the local people, top coat ditch community began in 1998 to create a community. Restructuring of the village environment, remediation ditch, planting water candles to improve the original dirty smelly weeds in the gutter, into the ecological trailChingshui planting Tang cotton, lantana landscaping. Unexpected monarch butterflies, the cotton tree Tang, also known as the butterfly tree, Tang cottonflowers secrete sweet nectar may be required to provide butterfly food, so to attractbutterflies to visit top coated ditch, the villagers decided that a large number of plant Tang cotton restoration of the butterfly. Media reports, the Butterfly Village “reputation spread like wildfire. 1999 is a butterfly peak period, have organized the activities of the butterfly to my home, Seedlings Festival, also led the community to observe the trend, more than two hundred communities have come to visit, successfully started the reputation oftop coated ditch Butterfly Village . But in recent years, Butterfly Estate, the butterfly is no longer flying, because the parasitic wasp attacks, damage the ecology of butterflies. Parasitic wasps parasitic butterfly pupae, and then slowly eat butterfly larvae; the last pupae hatched butterflies, but bees.
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  • Tel
  • 886-5-3712212
  • By Car
  • 1.Zhongshan Highway: Exit Shui Shang Junction-> Connect to County Highway No.168 towards Da Lun-> Connect to Jia County Highway No.65-> Ding Tu Gou
    2.Taiwan Highway No.3(Taiwan Highway No.3):Exit Shui Shang Junction-> Connect to Express way No.82 towards Ciayi-> Connect Zhongshan Highway towards Shui Shang-> Connect to County Highway No. 168 towards Da Lun->Connect to Jia County Highway No.65-> Ding Tu Gou
  • By Bus
  • 1. Jiayi county operated bus: 【Jiayi-Pozi】Line or【Jiayi-Budai】Line -> Take off the bus at Da Lun station -> Walk or Take the taxi.
    2. Jiayi transportation bus: 【Jiayi-Tai Bao-Pozi】Line or【Jiayi-Pozi-Budai】Line -> Take off the bus at Da Lun station -> Walk or Take the taxi.
  • Opening Times
  • Open all year
  • Remark
  • In 11:00 to 15:00 the sun largest, so the majority of the Hua Ban butterfly in a resting state, you can avoid this time. Water candle flowering season is very long, around about every year in late April to November, all we went to watch a good season.

    No. 13, Dingtugou, Shuishang Township, Chiayi County 60845, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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