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Minsyong TownshipPerforming Art Centre of Jia Yi County Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-09Published by:Planning Section
Performing Art Centre of Jia Yi County _Title Picture
Chiayi County in recent years, the establishment of large-scale performing arts center, subject to the concept of the cultural park designed by covering a very wide range, central base area of 6.1 hectares, indoor floor space of 9000 ping, spatial content, including the Auditorium, a small theater hall, a large small rehearsal classrooms and open-air theater, art galleries, as the Office of the classroom and tourist service area, a recreation restaurants, cultural shops, waterside stage,multi-functional auditorium pavilion, parent-child kiosks. In addition to the promotion of the performing culture, but also combines the characteristics of the leisure and tourism. In the main design, integration in the cultural and international perspective, coupled with the essential business needs. It is worth mentioning is that the entire park visitors to the audience, can also be a focus on the strong affinity of the performers, space and shape, which also includes games and the opportunity to peek into the art and culture of living arrangements in Taiwan building in the shape of the main orientation, I hope to inspire visitors from the process of using a cohesive cultural identity, many cultural activities, also in this performance. ◎ Auditorium Theatre mirror Zhao :1000-1200. ◎ Exhibition Hall: community-based arts study results show, the show relevant information about the performing groups, artists paintings on display. ◎ as the Office of Study Room: timed broadcast videotapes of arts activities, small seminars, conferences. ◎ Drama Department: 400 performances a dedicated theater. ◎ small rehearsal rooms: theater, dance, music and community learning. ◎ large rehearsal rooms: the resident troupe rehearsing and performing groups to warm up. ◎ outdoor performance pavilion: experimental, large volume performance-based, usually compared to the rest, meditation, overlooking the space.
  • Corner of the old style lanscaping
  • Corner of the old style lanscaping
  • Corner of the old style lanscaping
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2065675
  • By Car
  • 1.Zhongshan Highway: Exit Da Lin Junction-> Connect to Zhong Zheng Rd when being in Da Lin Town-> Turn right to Provincial Highway No.1-> Continue towards Min Xiong (by the side of Provincial Highway No.1 )
    2.Nothbound for Zhongshan Highway: Exit Ciayi Junction-> Continue towards Min Xiong on Tai Provincial Highway No.1
  • By Bus
  • Train:
    1. Min Xiong train station -> Take the taxi for 10min.
    2. Jiayi train station -> Take the taxi for 20min.
  • Opening Times
  • Please call for details or refer to the website
  • Price information
  • Depend on Performances
  • Remark
  • No. 265, Sec. 2, Jianguo Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 62153, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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