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Alishan TownshipSibisibi (Titanic Cliff) Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-09Published by:Planning Section
Sibisibi (Titanic Cliff) _Title Picture
Titanic is actually a towering cliffs in the mountains, is a well-known attractions in the Tashan group by the cliffs and cliff, also Tsou tribe, the sacred mountain, belongs to the area. As early as the indigenous people have yet to be, this stone organic extrusion formation. In the movie Titanic after the flood, because the rock resembles the deck of the Titanic, the terrain such as the wreck of the Titanic half of the cabin above the surface appearance, hence the name.

Erected at the edge of a cliff after more security grilles, attracted many visitors. The locals claimed that this area of Sibi Si than (spispi), the mean of the means typhoon grass Health, corner of the meaning of the mountain. Titanic vertical down the rock face at least five or six hundred meters, standing on the cliff, vision and incomparable, the landscape is magnificent.

The under Tashan,Alishan valley, and the tribe of Laiji at a glance can be no doubt. Fantasy and varied mountains the valley, the Alishan River Sclerotium like a slender, coiled Among them, the steep cliffs are stunning in a green valley, sunset, sunset clouds more suitable for taking pictures collection.
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  • 886-5-2661002
  • By Car
  • 1.From Taiwan Highway No.3 exit Zhong Pu Junction →towards Chu Kou,connect Alishan Highway→Shizhao (about 49 km on Taiwan Highway No.18) →turn Highway No.169→Through Fenqihu connect forward Jiayi highway No.155,choose take car or walking after arrive Lai Ji.
    2.Zhongshan Highway : Exit Jiayi Junction→ highway No. 159 to Jiayi city→Along provincial highway No18.(Shi Xian Rd.、Wu Feng South Rd.) connect Alishan Highway and climb→Reach Hi Zhao(approximately place in highway No18. 49 km)→ turn highway No169.→over Fenqihu connect forward Jiayi highway No.155,choose take car or walking after arrive Lai Ji.
  • By Bus
  • no public transportation reachable
  • Remark
  • 1. It's not easy to reach Si Bi Si Bi Tie Da Ni Cliff. The mountain road is narrow, steep and curved. Most vehicles are not suitable for walking on it. Pay particular attention to the traffic information about getting there.
    2. If you have enough time, it is recommended to go to the entrance of hiking trail from the center of Lieji Village, about 4km away. Get on Tie Da Ni Mountain Trail, about 30 meters and with a sixty-or-seventy-degree slope, through the hiking trail entrance.

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