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Jhuci TownshipDu Li Mountain Ancient TrailJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2021-03-17Published by:Planning Section
Du Li Mountain Ancient Trail_Title Picture
Independent mountain Alishan Forest Railway spiral famous recently is a popularhiking route to the first cave, there are two hiking routes, one from the right side of the cave climbing to the summit, counting from the entrance to the tunnel, climb to the Peak Mukden Palace is a 1600 stone steps along the flat trail, creek accompanied by, enjoy the cool stream water; the other one went through the tunnel and then cross the bridge, an uphill stage in between the bridge and another cavealong the ladder straight.all along the shuttle in the woods. the hill there is the Mukden Palace tea, enjoy mountains delicious, weary to make consumer, and then marching at a brisk pace down the mountain. Mukden Palace worship the Goddess of Mercy, in-situ due to open up the Alishan Forest Railway was moved to its present site, Mukden Palace before the ride arbor, also provided free of teacups, teapots, gas, many climbers bring their own tea mountains, you can enjoy the fun of facing the breeze in the mountains and enjoy the Castle Peak tea.
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  • Tel
  • 886-5-2630392
  • By Car
  • 1.Provincial Highway: South to Provincial Highway No.3 -> Meishandongzhuan -> County Highway No.162 Jia -> Taiping, towards Taiping Hotel and turn right for 5 km -> Hungnankeng
    2.Provincial Highway: North to Provincial Highway No.3-> Zhuqidongzhuan -> Songjiao -> Turn left when reach Wu Temple signage at Songjiao and drive for another 3 km -> Zhangnaoliao
  • By Bus
  • Bus:Take Jiayi County operated bus (Songjiao Line) -> Get off Songjiao
    Train: Take Alishan forest train -> Get off Zhangnaoliao station -> Walk back (the train is not operating now)
  • Opening Times
  • No Time Limit
  • Price information
  • No
  • Remark
  • Shezailiao, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Du Li Mountain Ancient Trail ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Grandma Coffee
    Grandma Coffee
  • Fulin Coffee
    Fulin Coffee
  • Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden
    Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden
  • Mushroom meat soup snack bar(Yan Kee mushrooms Rougeng)
    Mushroom meat soup snack bar(Yan Kee mushrooms Rougeng)
  • Jhen Jhuan Handmade egg rolls
    Jhen Jhuan Handmade egg rolls
Du Li Mountain Ancient Trail ‧ Accommodation nearby5Km
  • Swiss Villa
    Swiss Villa
  • Kuang Ye B&B
    Kuang Ye B&B
  • Xingguangsenlin
  • Zhu Qi Bai Shu Jiao Hotel
    Zhu Qi Bai Shu Jiao Hotel
  • Distance:5Km
  • Da Shan Zi Zai B&B
    Da Shan Zi Zai B&B
  • Shi He Yuan B&B
    Shi He Yuan B&B
  • Mi Dou Lu Forest B&B
    Mi Dou Lu Forest B&B
  • Xiang Lin Wei La B&B
    Xiang Lin Wei La B&B
  • Distance:5Km
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