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Jhuci TownshipZhuchi Rail Station Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-12-05Published by:Planning Section
Zhuchi Rail Station _Title Picture
The Takesaki station the boundaries of the ground line and mountain line of the Alishan Mountain Railway early train to the coals, add water . And the mountain line is 28 tons of steam train travel, the ground line is 18 tons of steam trains, which will fire Car turn around, to push to promote the train up the mountain, forming a triangle line track of the trench, the train To make a U-turn at the drop down triangle forward, very strange. The Takesaki Station was built in 1906. Alishan Forest Railway from the plain terrain to climb to the alpine terrain from , The former at this station must be replaced with another locomotive, can be successfully climb. Alishan forest railway, Manchurian deer station, Takesaki Station remains cypress wood construction of the Japanese occupation era, with the thick Japanese architecture style , The Takesaki station the best preserved is the most unique building in the Alishan Forest Railway. Ali Hill is a world famous mountain railway, the early years of the Alishan Highway before the opening of the Alishan Mountain Railway, a vote is hard to find, A lot of people in order to grab the seat, crawl through the window seats for so grand it is hard to imagine. Public Road opened Railway higher operating costs, coupled with repeated natural disasters hit, the operation has become increasingly difficult. Takesaki station from the Chiayi starting point of 14.2 kilometers, 127 meters above sea level, in January 1946 Takesaki station because Old but renovated to become the appearance we see today, continue along the Alishan Mountain Railway , And completely preserved wooden structure building. In addition to ride the public on weekdays to attract a lot of couples Zhuzu and Couples come to take wedding pictures.
  • Zhuchi Rail Station -Related Picture
  • Zhuchi Rail Station -Related Picture
  • Zhuchi Rail Station -Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2768094
  • By Car
  • Taiwan Highway No.3(Taiwan Highway No.3):Exit Zhu Gi junction->Continue to Zhong Zheng Rd. -> Turn left to Min Sheng Rd.-> Connect to Zhong Shan Rd. -> Turn right to Wen Hua Rd.
  • By Bus
  • train: Alishan forest railway to Chuchi station
  • Opening Times
  • No Time Limit
  • Remark
  • Driving only on Saturday and Sunday currently

    No. 11, Jiuchezhan, Zhuqi Vil., Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 60447, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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  • Distance:5Km
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