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Jhuci TownshipZhuqi River ParkJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2020-08-13Published by:Planning Section
Zhuqi River Park_Title Picture
The famous landscape park in Chiayi County is one of Putsu River along the coast's first water park. The Water Park is located next to the Taiwan Provincial Highway the edge Jhuci Bridge, close beside the river, covering an area of nearly 4 hectares, the park has a rich and diverse ecological, landscape and recreational facilities. Gather the precious bamboo at home and abroad more than 80 kinds of bamboo park, unique in the country. Takesaki water park planning arts plaza area, hydrophilic Activities Zone, multi-functional turf areas, Riverbank Trail area, pebble game, stepped plaza, tree-lined promenade, the park prohibits vehicles from entering, so go to the recreation of the people, do not have to longer the hubbub of the disturbance. This multi-functional water park, except for the congregation to close Putsu River view of the water, fishing, birdwatching, scenic run play, throw the Frisbee, kite flying, playing croquet and other functions, static display part of the forest railway is on display 32 old locomotive for people to enjoy, to the recreation for the whole family young and old. The entrance to the park, planting more than 10 strains of gross wind chimes, tropical plant native to Central and South America, also known as Yibei tree, Suzuki, yellow wind, when the flowers bloom, like the sun shines, therefore, also known as sun tree. March each year, the arrival of spring, the whole plant trees leaf out to the cleaners, garden trees bloom yellow of blossoming, it is truly beautiful, and often attract the attention of passers-by, it is amazing the feeling of spring to a temporary index flowers.
  • Zhuqi River Park-Related Picture
  • Zhuqi River Park-Related Picture
  • Zhuqi River Park-Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2611181
  • By Car
  • Driving direction:
    1. Zhongshan Highway: Exit at Zhuqi Junction → Towards Zhuqi→ Go straight to County Highway No.166
    2.Taiwan Highway No.3: Exit at Jiayi Junction → Towards Jiayi City → Jiayi County Highway No.159 Jia → Luman → Towards Zhuqi
  • By Bus
  • Bus: Take Zhuqi line opperated by Jiayi County. Get off the bus at Zhuqi Station.
  • Address
  • Zhonghua Road, Zhuqi Villiage, Zhuqi County
  • Opening Times
  • open all year
  • Price information
  • No
  • Remark
  • Pay attention to the safety of children playing in the water.
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