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Minsyong TownshipDashiye Temple Join Trip
Last Change Time:2021-05-28Published by:Planning Section
Dashiye Temple _Title Picture
Chiayi County the third-rank monuments, was built in Qing Dynasty the Jiaqing Dynasty (A.D. 1797), A.D. 1905 earthquake reconstruction, completed in A.D. 1937. Initially, the residents here in the early Qing Dynasty, from the mainland Fujian, Guangdong Province, immigrated to Taiwan, initially often regionalism, frequent fights. Qianlong period is particularly intense, heavy casualties on both sides.

Afterwards, they reached some agreement, use of purdue and ritual to worship the spirits of the dead. Inside the temple enshrine to the Guanshiyin Pusa, the seventh lunar month every year will customize a Tuas god statues made of paper, placed inside the temple to allow people to worship. The Minxiong Dashiye Temple Taiwan Minxiong Dashiye Temple, worship the soul of the immigrants died in Taiwan.
  • Dashiye Temple -Related Picture
  • Dashiye Temple -Related Picture
  • Dashiye Temple -Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2261464
  • By Car
  • 1.Taiwan Highway No.3(Taiwan Highway No.3):Exit Zhu Gi Junction-> Continue forwads Min Xiong County on County Highway No. 166->Turn right to Section
    2.Jian Guo Rd.->Turn left at the next intersection after Zhong Zhung Bridge 2.Zhongshan Highway: Exit Da Lin Junction-> Connect to Zhong Zheng Rd while reaching Da Lin Township-> Turn right to Tai Provincial Highway No. 1->Turn right at the first intersection after Dong Rong Rd.
  • By Bus
  • Take Min Xiong Line bus( Jiayi transportation bus or Jiayi county operated bus) -> Get off at Min Xiong station -> Walk toward Zhong-le Rd.
  • Opening Times
  • AM6:30~PM9:30
  • Remark
  • No. 81, Zhongle Rd., Zhongle Vil., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 62142, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Dashiye Temple  ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Min-Xiong Steamed Pork Buns
    Min-Xiong Steamed Pork Buns
  • Nikaido Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Superb Level) of Chiayi County
    Nikaido Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Superb Level) of Chiayi County
  • Big Cake of Childhood
    Big Cake of Childhood
  • Gao Bin Restaurant
    Gao Bin Restaurant
  • Dalin King of Pork Chop
    Dalin King of Pork Chop
  • Taiwan Coffee (Dalin branch store)
    Taiwan Coffee (Dalin branch store)
  • Fish, Cuttlefish Soup Shop
    Fish, Cuttlefish Soup Shop
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • mushrooms and meat soup
    mushrooms and meat soup
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
    TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
Dashiye Temple  ‧ Accommodation nearby10Km
  • Tangye Motel (Minxiong House)
    Tangye Motel (Minxiong House)
  • Long Shan Lin B&B
    Long Shan Lin B&B
  • Distance:3Km
  • Distance:3Km
  • Long Yi Yu Xuan B&B
    Long Yi Yu Xuan B&B
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:6Km
  • Yuelaiju B&B
    Yuelaiju B&B
  • Distance:6Km
  • Jiashibao Hotel
    Jiashibao Hotel
  • Tangye Hotel (Zhongpu)
    Tangye Hotel (Zhongpu)
  • Songyoukejiazhuang B&B
    Songyoukejiazhuang B&B
  • Shumei Motel
    Shumei Motel
  • He Le Ju B&B
    He Le Ju B&B
  • Laojia B&B
    Laojia B&B
  • Distance:9Km
  • Distance:10Km
  • Mingdou Holiday Hotel
    Mingdou Holiday Hotel
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