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Sikou TownshipKai Yuan Temple Join Trip
Last Change Time:2019-07-01Published by:Planning Section
Kai Yuan Temple _Title Picture
Kaiyuan temple dedicated to Lord God for the national hero Zheng Chenggong, the most significant feature is located in Chiayi County Township Chai Lam Tsuen.Kaiyuan temple has one known as the Statue of the world's highest national hero Zheng Chenggong, 172 feet high, the equivalent of seven floors high, as long as you drive into Xikou township far you can see this huge statue, has become XikouTownship of indicators. Kaiyuan temple, completed in December 1995, free for all to visit. Internal each floor of the large statue of Zheng Chenggong Zheng Chenggong heritage memorial,museum display the of Koxinga life growing up and sacrifice for the country dedication to historical data of the relics, calligraphy weapons, as well as the Qing court edict, the Netherlands surrender the book, and so on, of considerable historical value . Zheng Chenggong Cultural Relics Memorial fifth floor to the ninth floor, free for tourists to visit, internal planning for the first floor of the sage king who opened the mold base and the Chamber; the second floor of the Kaiyuan temple model, Dan Jingzu calendar model, Zhangzhou Zheng Jiazu house chess-type, Japan Koxingawas born of the former residence of the model, the Netherlands had fallen graph model; on the third floor when Zheng Chenggong military relics; the fourth floor for Zheng Chenggong's warship fleet at sea; the fifth floor of the Museum; the sixth floorof the Museum in rural areas; seven, eight, ninth floor to watch Taiwan; first floor external placed four Koxinga era cannon and other relics become one of Taiwan’s tourism resort.Kaiyuan Temple, by the highway Dalin Interchange to the creeks, and about ten minutes can be reached. Rural town located in the Great Plains of western Taiwan.
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  • Tel
  • 886-5-2691273
  • By Car
  • Zhongshan Highway: Exit at Dalin Junction -> Connect to County Highway No.162 -> Turn right onto County Highway No.157 -> Turn left onto County Highway No.145 Jia -> Local Council on Zhongzheng Road
  • By Bus
  • Bus: Take Jiayi County bus towards Xi-kou Line, get off Kaiyuan Temple.
  • Opening Times
  • AM8:00~PM5:00
  • Price information
  • No
  • Remark
  • No. 1-2, Jiuzhuang, Chailin Vil., Xikou Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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