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Jhongpu TownshipTaiwan Forest Research Institute, Zhong Pu Research Center Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-08Published by:Planning Section
Taiwan Forest Research Institute, Zhong Pu Research Center _Title Picture
Po Research Center began in the Republic of the previous four years, the creation of the nursery in Chiayi Picheng sub-head in the rubber tree breeding trials, complex in Headland top in the following year in October, the provision of testing ground, and then Po Chuang (now among the Po Heung)the Yun Mizutani coast to open up the official forest, engaged in a variety of rubber tree class of afforestation and mining rubber test. Republic of the previous year to expand the pilot scale merger Pi sub-head the Headland top and Yunshuei, three trials, the establishment of the Taiwan Provincial Forest Experiment Station, Chiayi branch field. In ten years under the aegis of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Forestry, Chiayi test branch, the total office established in the mountain top earners, and the implementation of the teak, chestnut trees, rubber trees, afforestation test. And was renamed after the 1931 due to business migration office in Yunshuei Forestry Research Institute Po Branch, thirty-four years after the retrocession of Taiwan, was renamed the Taiwan Forestry Research Branch of Po. 1993 to strengthen the research and promotion of environmental protection forests, set of four lakes workstation dedicated to the study of coastal windbreaks, and actively promote a coastal forest management demonstration base. 1992, eight years with the adjustment of governmental organizations, under the aegis of the Po branch of the Council of Agriculture Forestry Research Institute, whose main focus is to strengthen the coastal windbreaks of business research, the implementation of the management of the Botanical Garden, the establishment of the Environmental Protection Lin Yulin and operating systems.
  • Planting study area
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2311730
  • By Car
  • Zhongshan Highway: Exit Jia Yi Junction->Bei Gang Rd.-> Turn left to Section 1 Shi Xian Rd.-> Turn right to Song Jiang1st St. -> Turn left to You Zhong Rd. -> You Ai Rd.
  • Opening Times
  • Monday to Friday working hours
  • Price information
  • NO
  • Remark
  • No. 65, Ln. 432, Wenhua Rd., West Dist., Chiayi City 60081, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Taiwan Forest Research Institute, Zhong Pu Research Center  ‧ Delicious food near5Km
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  • Distance:5Km
  • TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
    TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
Taiwan Forest Research Institute, Zhong Pu Research Center  ‧ Accommodation nearby5Km
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  • Distance:5Km
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