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Minsyong TownshipQing Cheng Temple Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-08Published by:Planning Section
Qing Cheng Temple _Title Picture
Qing Cheng Palace, the old name Mazugong Jiaqing years, has 2,3 hundred years of history. Are said to the Jiaqing travel to Taiwan, arrived in ancient times known as “playing cat. Minsyong gratitude for Heavenly Holy blessing of divine mercy, coming to a decision the temple was built materials, and sent to the mainland of the famous temple was built to master to come to Taiwan to build. He is also the only group in Taiwan Meng Qing Jiaqing bestowed Matsu Temple. Commanding, Aunt godhead of high standing, not only is China the male religious center, cloud, the Temple of Kacounties Mazu believers. March 17, 1906 (1906), a major earthquake, Qing ChengPalace Wherever ruined temple to the Japanese government forced road use, and Matsu had temporary worship Minsyong Township Tuas Lord Temple apse. Matsu noown palace safety seat has been to make believers feel helpless; Matsu's birth day each year around the environment, the palanquin arrived at the old temple to wander, was reluctant to leave; Mazu also several times by shamans make a decree or to the chariot sedan drop poetry to convey the wish that they can rebuild the hope that a hundred years. Republic of China 88 (1999), the faithful formation of there construction committee, actively raise the temple was built funding, and it took five years, was finally completed.
  • Corner of Qing Cheng Temple
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2064348
  • By Car
  • 1.Taiwan Highway No.3(Taiwan Highway No.3):Exit Zhu Gi Junction-> Connect to County Highway No. 166 towards Min Xiong-> Turn right to Section 2, Jian Guo Rd->Connect to Zhong Zhuang Bridge-> Turn left after one intersection.
    2.Zhongshan Highway: Exit Da Lin Junction-> Turn in to Zhong Zheng Rd in Da Lin Town (Right turn is Provincial Highway No. 1)-> Connect to Dong Rong Rd. -> Turn right after one intersection.
  • By Bus
  • Take Chiayi bus or Chiayi County Bus by Minsyong line and get off at Minsyong station,walk along the Jhong Le Road to arrive.
  • Opening Times
  • AM6:30-PM9:30
  • Remark
  • No. 64, Zhongle Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi County 62142, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Qing Cheng Temple  ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Min-Xiong Steamed Pork Buns
    Min-Xiong Steamed Pork Buns
  • Nikaido Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Superb Level) of Chiayi County
    Nikaido Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Superb Level) of Chiayi County
  • Big Cake of Childhood
    Big Cake of Childhood
  • Gao Bin Restaurant
    Gao Bin Restaurant
  • Dalin King of Pork Chop
    Dalin King of Pork Chop
  • Taiwan Coffee (Dalin branch store)
    Taiwan Coffee (Dalin branch store)
  • Fish, Cuttlefish Soup Shop
    Fish, Cuttlefish Soup Shop
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • mushrooms and meat soup
    mushrooms and meat soup
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:5Km
  • TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
    TORAJA COFFEE (in Chung Cheng Univ.)
Qing Cheng Temple  ‧ Accommodation nearby10Km
  • Tangye Motel (Minxiong House)
    Tangye Motel (Minxiong House)
  • Long Shan Lin B&B
    Long Shan Lin B&B
  • Distance:3Km
  • Distance:3Km
  • Long Yi Yu Xuan B&B
    Long Yi Yu Xuan B&B
  • Distance:5Km
  • Distance:6Km
  • Yuelaiju B&B
    Yuelaiju B&B
  • Distance:6Km
  • Jiashibao Hotel
    Jiashibao Hotel
  • Tangye Hotel (Zhongpu)
    Tangye Hotel (Zhongpu)
  • Songyoukejiazhuang B&B
    Songyoukejiazhuang B&B
  • Shumei Motel
    Shumei Motel
  • He Le Ju B&B
    He Le Ju B&B
  • Laojia B&B
    Laojia B&B
  • Distance:9Km
  • Distance:10Km
  • Mingdou Holiday Hotel
    Mingdou Holiday Hotel
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