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Dapu TownshipCeng Wen Reservoir Join Trip
Last Change Time:2020-05-21Published by:Planning Section
Ceng Wen Reservoir _Title Picture
Tseng-Wen Reservoir is the largest reservoir in Taiwan, Tseng-Wen Reservoir catchment area all located in Chiayi County, the combination of catchment areas and around the Tai Po Rural Scenic Area, especially in Tai Po bridge, No. 3 Tsengwen upstream bridge can wait and see the magnificent Tsengwen River Valley, like to come to China three Gorges along the sets of three south attractions along the way which farms of Europe toot the Chiayi field, Tsoumalai, farms, roads and located next to the landscape Pavilion overlooking the Tsengwen large Pa majestic firstaPa Shanguangshuise of, the region endlessly rising peaks, waving in the wind, lakes and mountains, beautiful, in recent years has gradually become one of the important recreational scenic spots of the southern region. Tseng-Wen Reservoir location to visit Taiwan tall, board the CKS floor, lake view at a glance, close next to the Archive, with a multimedia video and picture commentary, describes the facilities of the Tseng-Wen Reservoir and provide travel information and scenic ecological environment of the Tsengwen trip more informative and interesting. In the reservoir the other end, a Tainan County the Tsengwen Youth Activity Center Building white European architecture, to create a distinctive Tseng Wen-Eye shape building, a new landmark recognized by the Tseng-Wen Reservoir. The dam is 133 meters high, about 400 meters from the crest overlooking the lake, I saw one the mountains, it is refreshing. Its tourist attractions and special base include: 1, Zeng Youth Activity Center 2 Bird Palace Garden 3, Southern Region Water Board office 4, East Side camping recreation area 5 Creek Recreation Area 6, the dam landscape 7, Tseng Wen-hero slope hiking trails 8, Lake Trail
  • Ceng Wen Reservoir -Related Picture
  • Ceng Wen Reservoir -Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-6-5753251
  • By Car
  • Taiwan Highway No.3(Taiwan Highway No.3) Bei Man Yu Jing Express way-> Turn left to Ceng Ku Highway
  • By Bus
  • after getting off Tainan train station, walk toward Zhongshan road and take Xingnan transportation bus toward Zenwun Reservoir.
  • Opening Times
  • November to March the following year 8:00 ~ 16:45.
  • Remark
  • No. 178, Dapu Rd., Dapu Township, Chiayi County 60741, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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