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Puzih CityThe Railroad Park Join Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-09Published by:Planning Section
The Railroad Park _Title Picture
The Railroad Park in Pu-Zi City, Chiayi County is a strip shape park planned by the Chiayi County Government and Huang Chuen-Zhen, mayor of Pu-Zi City. The park spans for 1250m and costs about 20 million dollars. Some parts inside the park were once garbage dumps during the Japanese occupying period. Not until 1911 did the railroad line, departing from the sugar factory and carrying sugarcanes and passengers with small steamed trains, start to be built. After the construction of the whole railroad line was finished, trains also had to carry cargo, hauls of fish, agricultural produce originating from Chia-Nan plain, etc., into the Chiayi city downtown. This railroad line played an important role during the economy rise of Taiwan. In the 1960s, the railroad line was curtailed, and the terminal station changed to Pu-Zi City. From then, the section from Pu-Zi station to Gang-Qian Rd. was only for delivery sugarcanes. Until March 1993, the operation of the trains was ceased and the sugar factory was also removed.

The removed railroad lost not only its tracks and ties but also its value; hence, it was abandoned and used by residents there as an area to grow vegetables or place trash, which made the environmental condition there extremely dirty. Until the Chiayi County launched the remediation project, the area was transformed into the beautiful railroad park which everyone sees now. The government has made places along the railroad park more eco-friendly. Besides planting roadside trees which stretch for more than 1km, they also add some public facilities, such as paving walking paths, planting grasses, placing chairs and setting up street light. The construction was finished in September 2004. After it was beautified, the railroad park now serves as the tourist spot where Pu-Zi residents can recall the memory of chasing trains to grab some sugarcanes and relax themselves.
  • Corner of Tiezhilu Park
  • The Railroad Park -Related Picture
  • The Railroad Park -Related Picture
  • The Railroad Park -Related Picture
  • The Railroad Park -Related Picture
  • The Railroad Park -Related Picture
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  • 886-5-3703550
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  • 1.Zhongshan Highway: Exit Shui Shang Junction→Continue towards Po Zhi→Along Jia County Highway No. 168 (Jia Po Highway)→onnect Po Zhi Rd.→Turn left at Wen Hua Rd.→To Guo Tai Ren Shou office can step arrive.
    2.Foward Highway No82. to Lu Cao→ Exit Po Zi junction→Follow forward Jiayi Highway Po Zi country→Forward after connect Hai Tong Rd. → To Guo Tai Ren Shou office can step arrive.
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  • Jiayi train station -> Take Jiayi county operated bus or Jiayi transportation bus of Pozi Line or Budai Line to Pozi Township. And go there another way.
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  • 613Bade Rd., Puzi City, Chiayi County 613, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Opening Times
  • No Time Limit
  • Remark
  • Zhuwei Village, Puzi City, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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