Chiayi County/Shueishang Township
Shueishang Township Map MarkerArea: 69.1198 square kilometers

    Bazhangxi is a river area measuring 1522 hectares at a length of 50.7 kilometers. According to Gao Gongqian’s records in Taiwan Fu Zhi, Bazhangxi flows in from the southeast of Luzihpu mountain, westward to the east of Shangjiadong, south of Jhuluo mountain, then westwards again to Siaosifo mountain, gathering at Yuanshugang (Dongshih) before spilling into the ocean. According to the dictionary of Taiwan’s locations, Bazhangxi flows mainly from Chiayi City to the township’s Neisi Village, passing westwards through 6 villages. Thus it has become the boundary river for the north coast’s Neisi, Lioulin, Liousin and Sizhou villages and the south coast’s Jhongjhuang and Yising villages. The flow to the bottom of Sizhou Village marks the boundary between the township and Tainan County. The river flows westward, passing through Lucao and Yijhu townships, finally flowing into the Taiwan strait in Budai township.

    The township’s climate is characterized by warm, dry winters and rainy, hot summers. Based on the Köppen climate classification, the township’s climate belongs to the humid subtropical group characterized by warm dry winters. Average monthly temperature is above 15 degrees Celsius while the yearly average falls between 11.5 and 13.5 degrees Celsius. Average temperature in July is 29.8 degrees Celsius on flat land, and as low as 27 degrees Celsius in the hills; average temperature in January falls between approximately 15.6 to 16.3 degrees Celsius. Due to higher land formation in the east, the township’s temperature decreases from west to east.

    North-south highway: National Highway No.1 provides access to Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. National Highway No.1 runs from north to south in the central west part of the township, the north end going to Chiayi City and the south end to Houbi Township, Tainan County. With high traffic volume, roadway service standards are poor during peak hours. (Source: Chiayi County overall development plan)
    North-south railway: The township has 3 stations—Beihuei, Shueishang, Nanjing departing for Taipei, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung.

    Jiapu Route: County Route No. 168, connects to National Highway No.1 in the east. It serves as access road for National Highway No.1’s Shueishang Interchange. The west end runs to Taibao (location of Chiayi County Government Administration Office), Lioujiao, Puzi, Dongshih, Budai and other townships. The road serves as an important artery from east to west. (Source: Chiayi County overall development plan).

    Jialu Road and Haomei Village route: No. 163 leads to Lucao, Puzi, Yijhu and Budai townships as well as Tainan County’s Yanshuei and Syuejia Townships
    Sanhe Village Rongdian Road: goes to Chiayi airport.

    The township’s total area measures 69 square kilometers. The land consists mostly of plains, thus cultivation makes up 70% of the total area, 66% are paddy fields and 34% dry farmland. Other produce include grass jelly, oranges, papayas and other melons, fruits and vegetables (Source: Chiayi County overall development plan). The entire township is divided by National Highway No.1 into east and west parts. The Shueishang airport at the north end marks the connection with Chiayi City. The south end is separated by the Bazhangxi with neighboring Tainan County. The east is characterized by dry farmland and hills, and mainly produces fruits and assorted produce. The west has abundant water resources, farming mainly paddy rice, corn, sugar cane and high value crops.

    Forests measure 4.3240 square kilometers. All state-owned and private forests are undeveloped and have become desolate, partially cultivated for planting fruit trees, bamboo shoots as well as other produce.
Livestock Industry

    The township’s livestock industry breeds pigs, cows, sheep, chicken, ducks, geese and turkeys.
Secondary Industry

    The township neighbors Chiayi City, with Taibao and Lucao to the west. It is near the administrative township of Taibao, making it suitable to develop into a metropolitan district. The township has approximately 1,112 big and small factories, most of which manufacture electronics, wood products, shoes and machinery. Commercial industries are mostly consumer retail industries (food, service and garments).
Local Environment

    The township is a simple farming district. The residents are hospitable and friendly. Main produce includes paddy rice, sugar cane and the town’s featured lotus seeds.
Traffic Conditions

    The transportation infrastructure includes Jhongshan Freeway (National Highway No.1), north-south highways, north-south railways, provincial highways, county routes and township routes running throughout the township. Air transportation infrastructure consists of Chiayi Shueishang Airport, which flies to Taipei, Penghu, Jinmen and Hualien. Transportation has become more convenient now that the east-west expressway and South No.2 highway have been opened for use.

Scenic Features
    The township has three train stations (Shueishang, Beihui, Nanjing) and an airport. The town is home to the Shueishang Tropic of Cancer Park, and Kujhu and Hsuansushangtien Temples, both of which have been classified as historic sites by the Ministry of the Interior.

Shueishang TownshipTown office
Address: No. 141, Zhengyi Rd, Shueishang Village, Shueishang Township, Chiayi County 60851 | TEL:886-5-2682406