Chiayi County/Minsyong Township
Minsyong Township Map Marker    Minsyong Township was originally called Damao (literally “hit the cat”). Located in the center of Chiayi County, in the middle of the Chianan Plain, the district connects with Chiayi County at the south, separated by Niuchouxi. To the west are Singang and Taibao Townships. To the north, are neighboring Dalin and Sikou Townships. The total area measures 85.50 square kilometers and has 28 villages under its administration. Minsyong is the largest township in Chiayi County, with a population of 73,000. It has 3 colleges, 3 vocational high schools, 3 secondary schools and 9 elementary schools, as well as a bridge and the Minsyong Industrial District.

    Minsyong is known for its reasonably priced duck for its tender texture and seasoning. Different restaurants boast unique recipes, offering equally delicious tastes different from one another. On festivals and holidays, food lovers from near and far come. There is also the famous Minsyong meat bun and Songshan lamb cooked in earthen kilns. In terms of agricultural produce, the area predominantly grows pineapples, guavas and cherry tomatoes.

    Minsyong has 8 sights of note. A trip to the Yushan Kaoliang Chiew (literally “alcohol”) Culture Park, which produces Yushan series alcohol, allows visitors to appreciate the unique distilling techniques used by ancestors. The park provides information on all kinds of famous alcohol. It also has a history and factory history exhibit, with commentators. Additionally there is the Chiayi Performing Arts Center, the National Radio Museum, class 3 certified historic site Dashihye Temple and the Old Liu Family Mansion (the Minsyong Haunted House). Everyone is welcome for an in-depth tour of Minysong, a taste of Minsyong’s goose meat and experience Minsyong’s local folk culture.

Minsyong TownshipTown office
Address: No. 7, Wenhua Rd, Zhongle Village, Minsyong Township, Chiayi County 62142 | TEL: 886-5-2262101~8