Chiayi County/Jhongpu Township
Jhongpu Township Map Marker    The Jhongpu Township is located in the southeast of the Chiayi County. It borders the Dapu Township in the southeast, the Bajhangsi and the Fanlu Township in the east and north respectively, Chiayi City and the Shuishang Township in the west, and the Baihe Township of Tainan County in the south. The town has various highly developed industries located below Alishan.

    Its area measures 12,950 hectares, with 7000 hectares cultivated. The agricultural industry employs approximately 15,000 people, which makes up 32% of the population. The town has plains, hills and mountains, with the Chihlansi and the Bajhangsi running across it. The Taiwan Provincial Highways No.3 and No.18 intersect in the town’s Longsing Village. National Highway No. 3 and East-West Express Highway Bridge also pass through there, improving its geographical qualities.

    Jhongpu has always been one of the Chiayi region’s most important fruit producers. In the earlier days its main produce included bananas, oranges and grapefruit, today it is papayas, pineapples, bananas, tangerines and mushrooms.

【Suggested travel agendas】
◆ Half-day tours
Tour A: Jin Yong Feng Organic Life Education Farm, Greening Ranch, Do Sun Taiwan Coffee, Hsiengu leisure educational farm.
Tour B: ShilinFarm- Dujiaosian Recreational Farm, Taiwan for you
Coffee, Bonita Field.
Tour C: Shihnong Forest Area, Lelegu Ranch, Feng Shan Ecological
Park, Ruei Feng Ling Jhih Recreational Farm.

◆ One-day tours
Tour A: Jin Yong Feng Organic Life Education Farm, Greening Ranch, Do Sun Taiwan
Coffee, Feng Shan Ecological Park, Zhonglun Yunshui River Hot Spring.
Tour B: Yi Li Yi Si Gua Leisure Farm, Bonita Field, Shihnong Forest Area, Guangyu Herbal Botanic Garden, Taiwan for you
Coffee, Lelegu Ranch, InShan Hotspring.
Jhongpu TownshipTown office
Address: No. 128, Jhongpu Village, Jhongpu Township, Chiayi County 60741 | TEL: 886-5-2533321