Chiayi County/Sikou Township
Sikou Township Map Marker    Sikou Township is located in Northern Chiayi County, north of the Chianan Plain, 20.6 degrees North Latitude 120.4 degrees East Longitude. To the north is the neighboring Township of Tapi, Yunlin County. Minsyong and Singang Townships are to the south. Beigang River and Yuan-Chang Township, Yunlin County are located to the west and Dalin Township to the east. The total area measures 33.0463 square kilometers and is approximately 10 kilometers from west to east and 8 kilometers from north to south. It is the smallest village under Chiayi County’s administration of 18 townships.

    Compared to neighboring townships, Sikou Township lies relatively low and flat. Sandie River and Shihguei River flow downstream bringing large amounts of mud and sand, silting up at Sikou, causing the riverbed to rise over the years. Farmers have cultivated on riversides where soil conservation should be maintained, further silting up the river. This has resulted in Sikou being more prone to disastrous floods with heavy rains. The entire township is covered by a floodplain with fertile soil, ideal for agricultural development. The softness and sandiness of the soil is suitable for planting paddy rice, peanuts, corn, sweet potatoes and vegetables. Sikou is characterized by rich output of produce and honest, hardworking people. Currently, Sikou has 14 villages under its administration: Sidong, Sisi, Sibei, Chailin, Linjiao, Meinan, Meibei, Bencou, Youdong, Yousi, Liougou, Diesi, Miaolun and Pingding Villages.

    Sikou Township was previously known as Sikou Village; it acquired the name Sikou due to its location at the junction of Sandie and Shihguei Rivers. As early as the reign of Emperor Kang Hsi in the Ching Dynasty, the Han people have come for to this area for cultivation. The Beiji Temple located in Sisi Village was built in the third year of the reign of Emperor Chien Lung in the Ching Dynasty (1738). Youcoujhuang (Youdong Village, Yousi Village) was the ancestral home of the You family. Haifongzaihjuang (Haiying Village) was where ancestors from Huidong County, Guangdong Province and Haifong inhabited. Shanglun and Lunwei were named by ancestors according to the landforms at the time. The five most common surnames in Sikou are Chen, Chang, Liu, Chiu and Tsai.

    According to records from 1898 in the Chiayi kuan nei tsai fang tse, Shuangsikou district was already developed during Emperor Taokuang’s reign. When the local administrative system was reformed in 1920, Sikou District was renamed Sikou Village. In August 1945, Sikou Village was renamed Sikou Township and the original twenty Baos were regrouped into fourteen villages, still subordinate to Chiayi County today.

Sikou TownshipTown office
Address: No. 89, Zhongshan Rd, Sibei Village, Sikou Township, Chiayi County 623 | TEL: 886-5-2695950