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Alishan TownshipAlishan Hotel★★★★Join Trip
Last Change Time:2021-10-20Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Alishan Hotel_Title Picture
Alishan House

Respond to the twenty first century tourism development movement, Ministry of Transportation & Communications developed on Twenty First Century Taiwan Tourism Strategy, and created a high quality sightseeing environment concentrate in local community, ecological community, and variety as the main principal. To continue promote tourism, the Executive Yuan Tourism Development Team appointed Chiayi County government and Tourism Bureau to carry out the scenic resource investigation and management arena agenda for Ali Mountain region. In March 2001, Ministry of Transportation & Communication completes the grade review as national class scenic area and declared management region. In the same year, established National Scenic Area Administration Office in Mt. Ali on July 23rd. On September 4th, President Chen came in person for the grand opening.

Story of Development

Eight years ago, government operated Alishan House entrusted Chao-Li Hotel Management Advisory Company for business management. Afterwards, Alishan House has obvious improvements in hotel amenities, and became the five-star holiday hotel at highest altitude in Taiwan.

Future Perspective

Chao-Li Hotel Management Advisory Company officially contracted with Forestry Bureau in December 2004, and obtained the first non-governmental investment BOT case qualification from Forestry Bureau. Chao-Li Hotel Management Advisory Company anticipate to build a five-star holiday hotel at the current address in approximately two years, and expand it to 150 guestrooms with plenty facilities upon completion. Once again, push Mt. Ali to be the best sightseeing region in Taiwan.
  • Amenities in room
  • Beautiful viewing platform
  • Alishan Hotel-Related Picture
  • Alishan Hotel-Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2679811
  • Fax
  • 886-5-2679596
  • By Car
  • Taiwan Highway No.3,Exit the Chiayi/Zhongpu Junction,to Alishan about 1h 40min arrive at Alishan Forest Recreation Area.
  • By Bus
  • take Jiayi county operated bus、small train, after arrive to Forest Recreation Area, into the park, through the first checkpoint, turn left to second fork in the road, continue by following signage and arrive.
  • Address
  • No. 16, Leye, Xianglin Vil., Alishan Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service and facilities
  • Suggested tourHardware facilities: Chinese restaurants, discos, art corridor, foot massage room, deck and Boutique Ministry
  • Room Rates
  • ※Two bed of Weekdays11200 Holiday: $12800
    ※One bed / Two small beds Weekdays11200 Holiday: $12800 One bed+One big(5*6) or One bed / four small beds Weekdays8400 Holiday: $9600
    ※One big bed (two small beds) Weekdays7000 Holiday: $8000
  • How to book a room
  • By Phone ‧ By Internet
  • Payment method
  • Taiwan Travel Card ‧ VISA ‧ MASTER
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.51505   Longitude:120.81021
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Alishan Hotel ‧ Tourist spots nearby 5Km
  • Distance:19M
  • Shouzhen Temple
    Shouzhen Temple
  • Distance:277M
  • County Monument Alishan VIP Center
    County Monument Alishan VIP Center
  • Alishan Divine Tree
    Alishan Divine Tree
  • County Monument Dryad Worship
    County Monument Dryad Worship
  • Alishan Forest Recreation Area
    Alishan Forest Recreation Area
  • Sandai Tree
    Sandai Tree
  • Siangbi Tree
    Siangbi Tree
  • Sister Lake
    Sister Lake
  • Farm of Prunus mume
    Farm of Prunus mume
  • High Elevation Museum
    High Elevation Museum
  • Erwanping Resort
    Erwanping Resort
  • Zhushan Sun-Watching Platform
    Zhushan Sun-Watching Platform
  • Jiaolong Waterfall
    Jiaolong Waterfall
Alishan Hotel ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Alishan hotel
    Alishan hotel's restaurant
  • Alishan Ge Restaurant
    Alishan Ge Restaurant
  • Yu Shan Yuan Restaurant
    Yu Shan Yuan Restaurant
  • 999 Restaurant
    999 Restaurant
  • Gao Shan Ching-Jhu Shan Shiuan Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Level A) of Chiayi County
    Gao Shan Ching-Jhu Shan Shiuan Restaurant-2010 Good Hygienic Restaurant (Level A) of Chiayi County
  • Xing Xing Guang Restaurant
    Xing Xing Guang Restaurant
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