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Jhuci TownshipHeziran B&BJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2018-10-05Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Heziran B&B_Title Picture
In region of Shihchuo has settled more than a century, the traditional courtyard houses still in tact Wo natural B & B, by definition, that is known the innkeepers Huang Rongjia couple, is to get alongwith nature Halcrow traditional farmhouse. In this madding crowd on the mind Pure Land,Wo naturally with the most sincere, warm heart in honor of the arrival of each visitor, if you want to feel the soul and the natural synchronization of happiness, let the earth energy for you to lift all bored, Wo is naturally best friend. Senior decoration of the hotel, did not spend a lot of money to go to layout built The Huang Rongjia with the most original look and to meet more than century-old traditional courtyard houses, surrounded Maolin tall bamboo and a stretch ofthe Qin green tea garden, with the wind from the bursts of fog, like a fencing master in martial arts films flying scenes. Favorite potted Huang Rongjia couple decades to collect a lot of wonderful bonsai, and more worth seeing, but the best of the trip is not just to walk around the bamboo and fir trail, but followed Huang Rongjia go to tea tea-picking, tea, understand what wonderful interaction between man and nature, but also lookaround the world-famous "Ali Dewdrop Tea is how the production processes, while the aromatic.Remember Wo naturally there is no restaurant service, but the boss casually cook cook can cook wonderful taste in the coming do not forget to join as a partner to stay Oh.
  • Amenities in room
  • Neighboring gardening in Dragon shape
  • Contact Person
  • Huangrongjia
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2561657
  • Fax
  • 886-5-2562422
  • Mobile phone
  • 0937699150
  • By Car
  • Taiwan Highway No.3,Exit the Chiayi/Zhongpu Junction,to Alishan about one hour,after arrive at Shizhao, pay attention to the Highway 63.5KM sign and turn left , towrads the Dingxhizhuo B&B community, continue by following signage and arrive at the destination about 10 minutes
  • Address
  • No. 2, Shizhuo, 18th Neighborhood, Zhonghe Vil., Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County 60497, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service and facilities
  • B&B facilities: Easy Kitchen, karaoke OK. Agricultural products: Ali Dewdrop Tea, tomorrow leaves. Recommended tours, tea ecological Navigation
  • Room Rates
  • ※4 bed room unit:3200
    ※4 bed room unit Holiday:2600
    ※4 bed room unit Weekdays:2200
    ※2 bed room unit:check by phone 05-2561657 2 quilts for each room,$500 per person for over five people(without quilt)
    [a wide bed for 5 person]
    unit:2200 Holiday:1800
    Weekdays:1300 bathroom outside,one quilt for two people,$100 for a more quilt
  • How to book a room
  • By Phone
  • Payment method
  • Cash
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.50497   Longitude:120.60848
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Heziran B&B ‧ Tourist spots nearby 5Km
  • Du Li Mountain Ancient Trail
    Du Li Mountain Ancient Trail
  • Xiding Agricultural Leisure Park Trails
    Xiding Agricultural Leisure Park Trails
  • County Monument Zihyun Temple
    County Monument Zihyun Temple
  • Dahu Mountain Trail Area
    Dahu Mountain Trail Area
  • Bantianyan
  • Taiping Resort
    Taiping Resort
  • Taiping Zhulin Tea Shop and Xiao Zi Road Pathway
    Taiping Zhulin Tea Shop and Xiao Zi Road Pathway
  • Xiang Feng Waterfall
    Xiang Feng Waterfall
  • Tai Ping Community
    Tai Ping Community
  • Distance:4Km
  • 36Windings Path
    36Windings Path
  • Eternity Suspension Bridges
    Eternity Suspension Bridges
  • Long-Yin Temple
    Long-Yin Temple
  • Chu Kou Tourist Center
    Chu Kou Tourist Center
  • Distance:4Km
  • Taixing Recreational Park of Agriculture
    Taixing Recreational Park of Agriculture
  • Raiping Bihushan Tea Garden
    Raiping Bihushan Tea Garden
  • Niu Pu Zai Grassland
    Niu Pu Zai Grassland
  • You Ge Wa Shi Market (Original Zhu Lu Community)
    You Ge Wa Shi Market (Original Zhu Lu Community)
  • Erjian Mountain
    Erjian Mountain
  • Anjing Ancient Trail
    Anjing Ancient Trail
Heziran B&B ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Tai Sing Visitor Center
    Tai Sing Visitor Center
  • Grandma Coffee
    Grandma Coffee
  • 17th Crooked Path Garden Café
    17th Crooked Path Garden Café
  • Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden
    Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden
  • Yun Tan Waterfalls Restaurant
    Yun Tan Waterfalls Restaurant
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