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Dongshih TownshipChuanzitoutianshangju B&BFriendly B&BJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2015-07-03Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Chuanzitoutianshangju B&B_Title Picture
Alishan, Chiayi County tourism, the most famous, but the first legitimate B & B boat head’s Houses, is in the verge of scattered village beside the river Chuantsaitou, Republic of China, 2003, Chen Ming-wen driving sightseeing oxcart to listing.

Chuantsaitou young people is a serious outflow of nearly a hundred of the old and weak women Ru keep their homes; Council for Cultural Affairs and the Chiayi County Government, arts and culture festival held in 1996 the movement for a new hometown, The Call of the Chuantsaitou theme, villagers set up Chuantsaitou art Village Cultural and Educational Foundation, is committed to community building and care Putsu River and recycling, Caizhen Cheng Cai Bo Fu brothers was the first to return home, Larry story properties he owned in the old hometown of New Caizhen Cheng, fight the Zhu Yuegui couple with the Chiayi County tourism Policy made the first legal Chiayi County B & B license.

The Chuantsaitou Caizhen Cheng childhood pastoral life memories, his enthusiasm to run a guesthouse, but also suit the Putsu River dike bike lanes and designated dragon boat activities, and tourists to share Chuantsaitou pastoral life,the door together, Putsu River water straight DC, ship, Aberdeen the first house will succeedis the ideal of Caizhen couple.
  • Amenities in room
  • Oyster bed landscape
  • Contact Person
  • Zhuyuegui
  • Tel
  • 886-5-3708078
  • Fax
  • 886-5-3661670
  • Mobile phone
  • 0929975167
  • By Car
  • Driving by #1 National Freeway: Exit at Shuishang Interchange → get on County Highway #168 heading for Puzi City, the driving time is approximately 20mins → After arriving at Puzi City, turn right to get on Provincial Highway #19 to Liujiao →The destination will be arrived at 5mins.
  • Address
  • No. 22-3, Chuanzitou, Niaosong Vil., Dongshi Township, Chiayi County 61453, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service and facilities
  • Rural ecological guided tours
  • Room Rates
  • 2 bed room unit:1500 4 bed room unit:2000
  • How to book a room
  • By Phone
  • Payment method
  • Taiwan Travel Card ‧ VISA ‧ MASTER
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.47083   Longitude:120.2247
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Chuanzitoutianshangju B&B ‧ Tourist spots nearby 5Km
  • Chuan Zi Tou Art Villiage
    Chuan Zi Tou Art Villiage
  • Yu Shun Feng Peanut Tourism Factory
    Yu Shun Feng Peanut Tourism Factory
  • The Railroad Park
    The Railroad Park
  • County Monument Pei Tian Temple
    County Monument Pei Tian Temple
  • Dong Shih Admission Center
    Dong Shih Admission Center
  • Embroidery Museum
    Embroidery Museum
  • Puzih Water Tower
    Puzih Water Tower
  • Mei Ling Fine Arts Museum
    Mei Ling Fine Arts Museum
  • Po Zi Artistic Park
    Po Zi Artistic Park
  • Distance:4Km
  • Distance:4Km
  • De Xing Villiage Ancient House
    De Xing Villiage Ancient House
  • Ben Harbour. Harbour Temple
    Ben Harbour. Harbour Temple
  • Niutiaowanbi Ecological Park
    Niutiaowanbi Ecological Park
Chuanzitoutianshangju B&B ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Sing Wang Cake Shop Super popular Garlic bread Popular in 60 years
    Sing Wang Cake Shop Super popular Garlic bread Popular in 60 years
  • Qian Yuan Shabushabu
    Qian Yuan Shabushabu
  • Mother Lee Steamed Buns
    Mother Lee Steamed Buns
  • Yongfeng Spring rolls
    Yongfeng Spring rolls
  • Mochi Shop
    Mochi Shop
  • Sesonal Local mixed side dishes
    Sesonal Local mixed side dishes
  • Cih Bo Meatballs
    Cih Bo Meatballs
  • Fuzhou Noodle shop
    Fuzhou Noodle shop
  • The Public Restaurant
    The Public Restaurant
  • Twin Snack
    Twin Snack
  • Hu Er Glutinous oil rice
    Hu Er Glutinous oil rice
  • Shang Pin Hotpot
    Shang Pin Hotpot
  • Scandinavia Restaurant
    Scandinavia Restaurant
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