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Meishan TownshipZhukeng B&BJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2019-05-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Zhukeng B&B_Title Picture
Recreation activities: picking tea, tea roasted tea, traditional courtyard and enjoy the fireflies awkeotsang DIY, stargazing at night, trailnavigation, hiking, agro-activities experience.

Expertise to explain the project: forest trail, plant, introduced birds, survive in the wild, tea drying tea explanations.

The self-produced agricultural products and harvest month: Tea from March to November, from April to July fireflies step guide to experience the full year.

Activity Performance: awkeotsang DIY, sugar onion DIY, tea production process.

The nearby tourist attractions: wild ginger Huaxitrails and watch Japanese floor, Bamboo Creektrail, Swiss Swire Road, Green Tunnel. "
  • Zhukeng B&B-Related Picture
  • Zhukeng B&B-Related Picture
  • Zhukeng B&B-Related Picture
  • Zhukeng path
  • Neighboring waterfall
  • Contact Person
  • Huangzhengmou
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2501109
  • Fax
  • 886-5-2501891
  • Mobile phone
  • 0912745597
  • By Car
  • Take Taiwan Highway No.3,Exit the Meishan Junction amd take Jiayi Highway No.159 Jia and pass by Tai Ping、Bi Hu to Ruei Fong,Take Taiwan Highway No.3,Exit the Jhongpu Junction and take Jiayi Highway No.122 to Ruei Li and turn to Ruei Fong
  • Address
  • No. 14-1, Erpingzai, 3rd Neighborhood, Ruifeng Vil., Meishan Township, Chiayi County 60349, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • Service and facilities
  • Facilities and services: restaurant, parking lot, tourist information, guide services, coffee, tea.
  • Room Rates
  • ※Accommodation (breakfast include):apiece of 700NT ※Package tour (include three meals):apiece of 1300NT
    ※Accommodation for over 6 people: free to appreciate traditional candy performance and taste
  • How to book a room
  • By Phone
  • Payment method
  • Cash
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.5617   Longitude:120.64942
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Zhukeng B&B ‧ Tourist spots nearby 5Km
  • Ruifeng Longgong Waterfall
    Ruifeng Longgong Waterfall
  • Yun Tan Falls
    Yun Tan Falls
  • Distance:3Km
  • Qing Nian Peak
    Qing Nian Peak
  •  The Chiennian (Millennium) Bats Cave
    The Chiennian (Millennium) Bats Cave
  • Yuan Tan Xi Natural Ecological Park
    Yuan Tan Xi Natural Ecological Park
  • Swallow Cliff
    Swallow Cliff
  • Zhukeng River Trail
    Zhukeng River Trail
  • Wild-Ginger-Flower Stream Trail
    Wild-Ginger-Flower Stream Trail
  • Rui Li Community
    Rui Li Community
  • Distance:4Km
  • Raiping Bihushan Tea Garden
    Raiping Bihushan Tea Garden
  • Shuisheliao Ecological Area
    Shuisheliao Ecological Area
  • Distance:4Km
  • Shuisheliao Sightseeing Area
    Shuisheliao Sightseeing Area
  • Erjian Mountain
    Erjian Mountain
  • Green Tunnel
    Green Tunnel
  • 7-Step Echo Valley
    7-Step Echo Valley
  • Distance:5Km
  • Dahu Mountain Trail Area
    Dahu Mountain Trail Area
  • Taiping Zhulin Tea Shop and Xiao Zi Road Pathway
    Taiping Zhulin Tea Shop and Xiao Zi Road Pathway
Zhukeng B&B ‧ Delicious food near5Km
  • Yun Tan Waterfalls Restaurant
    Yun Tan Waterfalls Restaurant
  • Leaves forest Mountain products Restaurant
    Leaves forest Mountain products Restaurant
  • San Hua Eco B & B
    San Hua Eco B & B
  • Cyuan Yuan Villa
    Cyuan Yuan Villa
  • Riley Impression Area
    Riley Impression Area
  • Teapot Restaurant
    Teapot Restaurant
  • House of Ahan (Ren Sheng Holiday Resort)
    House of Ahan (Ren Sheng Holiday Resort)
  • Aoba Villa
    Aoba Villa
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