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Budai TownshipBudai Fish Market - Oyster Omelet CommendJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2022-03-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Budai Fish Market - Oyster Omelet Commend_Title Picture
Into the cloth bag fishing port outlet centers, in addition to the traditional fishing andcargo market, there are many restaurants can be early adopters, if you do not wantat restaurants, choose a unique snack is also a good experience.

In the market behind the A-19 oyster omelet shop for eight years. Chen said the boss, the original store here with the tender, and there is no special historical; plusthe things we sell are similar, To Zenmeyangzuo own characteristics, so that they are the most nerve-racking. Chen boss insisted something must be really, can not allowguests to eat have been deceived after feeling, their oysters are early in the morningto go to the fish market to a rigorous selection process, the sauces are developed.

Chen and his family told us that the beginning of everyone's business is not so good, and slowly back on track, together with the Government's strong advocacy, businessis pretty good now. But the boss is stressed to continue to uphold the quality of thesnack shop, is the best publicity. Simple and practical reason, is not it?

Price: (96 January), 50 /Piece
  • Tel
  • 886-5-3477278
  • Address
  • No.5,A-19, Zhongshan Rd., Budai Township, Chiayi C
  • Opening Times
  • 9:30~18:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.3797   Longitude:120.155
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