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Fanlu TownshipTypified RestaurantJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2022-03-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Typified Restaurant_Title Picture
Live fish to eat six health meals

Eating live fish in the mountains is a very enjoyable watching clouds, especially inthe gap of the top enjoying sturgeon six to eat and jewel fish eat eat two, it is a great joy. Typified restaurant next to the 18-lane highway, the boss the Xie Rongbin acooking mountain products, pheasant, and live fish of good skills, so that many visitors to the mountains the delicious taste of live fish eat.

Typified mainly known for pheasant cuisine and live fish, which pheasant addition tothe can of soup, three cups, now cook Ung, you can also roast chicken, but this dishmust be baked on more than two hours in order to fully flavor, and smell fragrant and sweet flavor, expert visitors understand the mountain before booking, to the restaurant just to enjoy this wonderful cuisine.

Typified live fish, sturgeon, jewel fish two, and then with the tea meal just form theexquisite specials to entertain friends. Sturgeon meat is delicious, you can make sixfish meal to eat, including savory, steamed, medicated food, dried radish, eggs, fried fish intestines, raw fish and bean paste, Each dish is delicious with rice, with different features. Jewel fish meat is particularly sweet, so suitable for sashimi and steamedto eat, the popular favorite of gourmands who.

Here teahouse with the gap to the top rich oolong tea, Jin Xuan tea, you can alsochange the twenty several dishes, culinary skill of the boss's eye-opener, plusmountain river shrimp production, river fish, boar meat, muntjac meat, a traditional fashion to become the food of the Alishan Highway Features station.

Specials: fried mountain celery 100 yuan 650 yuan, the jewel fish

Transportation: National Highway No. 3, two compete in the Po Interchange then 18toward Alishan direction by Long Mei, that is, until the gap top 52.7K at.
  • Traditional flavor restaurant
  • boss
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2586605
  • Address
  • No. 80-14, Xiding, Gongtian Vil., Fanlu Township,
  • Opening Times
  • AM6﹕00~PM11﹕00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.41504   Longitude:120.651
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