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Fanlu TownshipCai Gong Dian Clay ChickenJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2017-11-10Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Cai Gong Dian Clay Chicken_Title Picture
Along the way from Da-Ya Road of Chiayi City to Fanlu township of Chiayi County, there’re various restaurants with diversified styles and features. When arriving at Fanlu Township, you will find the country-flavor “Cai Gong Dian Clay Chicken”, which is different from other restaurants. From the name we know that “clay chicken (chicken roasted in heated clay)” is a specialty of this restaurant. “Clay chicken” is made through traditional method: soup is made with medicinal herb and the chicken is tender. Exact process is as below: people light fire at 5:00 am to heat the clay for one hour and then bury the flavored and packaged chicken in the heated clay for five hours and a half; finally, delicious clay chicken is successfully made. In addition, “roasted chicken in jug” is roasted by fruit tree branch; in combination with formulation meticulously created by the boss, it possesses a special flavor.

This restaurant also provides many dishes made from mountain products such as fried cricket, three-cup duck tongue, Arillus Longan in honey and makino bamboo shoot. Price is affordable. Many celebrities have interviews with this restaurant: host of “A Cooking Date with Meifong”-Meifong Chen, Chen Po-cheng from “Taiwan Shang Qing”, Gillian Chung and Chih Ming, etc. “Cai Gong Dian Clay Chicken” is almost 30 years old since its establishment in 70s; its characteristic guest rooms are set up by bamboo and bring you sense of nostalgia. During holidays, this restaurant is filled with guests. Moreover, karaoke service inside the restaurant prepares both new songs and old songs. People can sing songs to relax after meals. It is really a good place for friends’ party or family dinner. Spacious parking area is suitable for group dinner.

National Travel Card is usable in this restaurant.
  • Caigongdian earth oven chicken
  • river fish & shirmp
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2591160
  • Address
  • No. 138, Caigongdian, Xiakeng Vil., Fanlu Township
  • Opening Times
  • 11:00~21:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.46717   Longitude:120.5473
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