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Fanlu TownshipLi Sin TeahouseJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2021-07-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Li Sin Teahouse_Title Picture
Simple and restrained aesthetic space

The gap to the top quite well-known Li Xin teahouse, in order to service more up the mountain restaurant opened by the Friends, follows the name of Li Xin teahouse,the entire building with high-level wood building materials and structures hidden in theclouds and Sam Rainsy, the colors is very harmonious, in this meal in addition topeople completely relax, simple and restrained space design, but also bring out themasters of the magnificent generosity and attention.

Li Xin meals provide all kinds of meals, packages, and this type of catering services in the Greater Mt rare vegetables together. Cuisine in the boss Li Li snowpersonal chef under the supervision of excellent quality, taste and strive to authenticflavor which tea chicken meal selection planted by Li Xin tea oolong raw materialsafter carefully stewed Lu, the wonderful works in the restaurant. also create a raretaste experience in the Alishan area.

In addition to changes in the tea meal, sesame chicken hotpot and vanilla pork chop packages are also boss Private efforts to win the best reputation, three high and one low: low salt, low sugar, low fat and high in fiber, culinary focus, allowing guests to eat more at ease. If the prime patrons, as well as vegetarian pot to meetthe needs of tourists. Because the boss of their own meals put immense effort oftaste, guests now are mostly regular customers, there are more tourists foodbecome attached to all become friends.

Li Xin teahouse on the second floor is a self-service tea area, consumers in thistea, a taste of the gap top sweet oolong, and enjoy a quiet mountain. Out landscapeplatform up the stairs, forward denizens of another secret garden with open arms tousher in, if you like the environment here, as well as B & B can experience, each room can be seen all the sunrise, sea of clouds, food co-construction Ali mountainaesthetics mood.
  • boss
  • Lixin Tea shop 
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2586330
  • Address
  • No. 52-4, Xiding, Gongtian Vil., Fanlu Township, C
  • Opening Times
  • 9:30~17:30
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.42885   Longitude:120.6594
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