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Minsyong TownshipThe kumquat Farm life cultivationJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2015-04-23Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
The kumquat Farm life cultivation_Title Picture
Enjoy the creativity of life

What is life? Life is a casual, life is a creative, came kumquat farm, look for a spectacular rural buildings, opened the door, you will find a cordial sense of familiarity. Cai boss kumquat farm himself arranged a space has been entered into the restaurant from outside the shop "shop class" signs, each the same arrangement is filled with fun. Oyster shells strung together hanging curtains, the old-fashioned clock, and even early public telephone, to see these scene, awakened life of the original memory has been forgotten in the mind of childhood years to regain.

This is the boss's second restaurant venture, originally located in the righteousness Lake Road, Chiayi City, because the relationship with lots of poor and lack of space, coupled with enthusiasm for an offer of old friends kumquat farm boss, decided to come to the farm within the , re-cultivation of her life touched.

Cai boss agronomic Coban original birth, at conception, he just wanted to open a restaurant with personality, so the initial operation, he is only responsible for the care of the house, the outside of the spatial arrangement. With the good chef is not easy to find and challenge their favorite character dictates, he began to learn cooking, their feelings to cooking show. Store meals menu design follow a healthy and affordable concept, design Snacking, European Package, Chinese package, casserole dishes, each of which has a natural and healthy flavor. Cai boss think refreshing, less oil, vegetables ratio is a prerequisite of modern choice of dining, so took some time to prepare the fresh and not greasy dishes, in addition, to use the original understanding of the plants, a variety of ingredients mentioned in vanillataste, the food taste more delicious. Therefore, when seafood Pumpkin Soup "packages on the boss side, as if by magic clever, food aroma and creative Wobble Ministry set the senses at the same time get to wake.
  • Kumqua farm
  • Specialty
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2724659
  • Address
  • No. 38, Sanxing Rd., Minxiong Township, Chiayi Cou
  • Opening Times
  • 11:00~14:00,17:30~21:00(Last order 20:00) Closed on Fri
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.55825   Longitude:120.4767
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