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Jhongpu TownshipPheasant City RestaurantJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2016-10-24Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Pheasant City Restaurant_Title Picture
Hill produced food full of the flavor of local health Located in the alley next to the Formosa Plastics gas station Naner Gao PoInter change within two hundred meters, The pheasant City restaurant opening so far completed three years as long as Our use of Po Farmers' Association in the local special products, such as mushrooms, yam natural ingredients, combined with full offeatures and unique cooking techniques, has spread from the pioneers. Strongly recommended the chef and guests, Jidao health style meals, such as health assorted mushroom soup, yam scallops, chicken soup, crispy corals mushroom, local flavor, such as sliced cold chicken, braised tofu, colon fried shredded bamboo shoots, mountain producing food, such as wild boar Paper boring sauce bamboo shoots, the sturgeon packages, crocodile package, the queen, pupae, and so on ... Sliced cold chicken pheasant continue to boil the stew is made all the delicious stayin which. Braised tofu must first tofu fried burned throat must also control the right, so as to reach the entrance and of crisp outside and soft inside, plus special tune sauce adds a delicious. Fried shredded bamboo shoots, large intestine, the most important thing is shredded bamboo shoots, shredded bamboo shoots annually Chefwill the alpine purchase selected Shanghao shoots back production of shredded bamboo shoots himself after numerous procedures marinated, never add any preservatives, must be preserved for about a year , so as to double its flavor.Crocodile palm is a whole chicken plus abalone and other unique materials, and thenthree hours to boil stew made of glial rich taste good. In recent years, more bigclose-up of a number of food reported interview EX, Mei Feng about in good taste tohand tour Taiwan ... and have come here especially. And a number of well-knownfigure to the taste, Lien Chan, and each have to play out. The shop launched in recent months, health lucky five elements glutinous rice balls and Eight auspicious rice balls.
  • Mmixed mushroom stick soup
  • Taiwan style tofu stew
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2390180
  • Address
  • No. 1-4, Xinghuabu, Fushou Vil., Zhongpu Township,
  • Opening Times
  • 9:00~14:30 16:30~21:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.44713   Longitude:120.4733
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