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Jhongpu TownshipJiang Jia Ding Liou Old Turkey mealsJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2020-05-20Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Jiang Jia Ding Liou Old Turkey meals_Title Picture
Authentic rendering of the "local delicious snacks

Chiayi is the hometown of chicken and rice, many visitors came to Chiayi alwaysstop and have a taste of authentic tapas cuisine, turkey meal of the top six of theriver home to 40 years of seasoned experience, handed down from mother todaughter, a taste of the older and more skilled turkey with rice. Each boss has agood skills, salty draw the line just right, not only mealtimes always sit empty seats,gourmet connoisseurs love the turkey meal with bitter gourd rib soup, Chiayiwonderful chicken and rice delicious spread throughout Trinidad.

Jiang family's turkey rice taste buds, the total liberation of the secret is that a pot of sauce and pour over the turkey meal, salty and sweet incense and oil and eleganttaste, with a bit restrained tension, the stomach of each guest holding on to a pick afood to enjoy the wild action but also gave the people looked.

Boss insist on no MSG, chicken slow boil to make a good chicken soup, overflowing aroma and special taste, plus matched in the rice bowl of bitter gourd rib soup is one human indulgence, which tens of dollars to do, so that each one are met.

Jiang family meal of turkey tourists will, there is one only understand the doorwaygourmands know the taste of the dishes is a turkey have a chicken ass, first make an appointment to have a slow to also eat less.

Most visitors will always point bowl of rice plus a little side dishes, we recommend that you miso soup bowl 15 is also very content, plus disk Lu cabbage, boiled vegetables, turkey fillet plate first Alishan considerate yourself, the river home turkeymeal is undoubtedly allow you to Chiayi turkey with rice left unforgettable memories.

Specials: turkey rice (bowl 30, a small bowl, $ 20), bitter melon ribs

Transportation: National Highway No. 3, two compete Po Interchange Access 18lines to Alishan direction 22.5K.
  • Managing team
  • Jiangjiading six old restaurant- turkey rice
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2395882
  • Address
  • No. 26, Dingshanmen, Jinlan Vil., Zhongpu Township
  • Opening Times
  • 8:00~19:30
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.44081   Longitude:120.4962
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