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Jhongpu TownshipA Sia Dumplings ShopJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2021-07-22Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
A Sia Dumplings Shop_Title Picture
Experience the happiness of skill of the mother

Alishan Highway in the morning, the special scene of a rare elsewhere, tea-picking girls or early morning work every day of the operation, before the mountains always like to put as early as in the Puding six streets, bought lunch, so this street food stores are up early, mother taste Asya meat shop is everyone's preferred one. Pieces of meat is full of good taste to have a warm and blessings, so that each bamboo leaves from scented incense to and from home, experience a sense of gratitude in life.

Signs of peanuts, chestnuts, egg yolk dumpling, the taro mushrooms and egg yolk meat or peanut meat, or like the light taste of grains m prime dumplings, peanut dumplings factors, proprietress He Yuxia every one of the dumplings are carefully tied, tied the blessings of visitors into a cob tasty, fragrant and Q's dumplings, so this tour Alishan Highway Tour, are full of experience and emotion of the heart.

Recommend that you, peanuts, chestnuts, egg yolk dumplings, taro mushrooms and egg yolk meat is a necessary point, as well as guests outside to Japan, so youknow how delicious. If you are a vegetarian, the Asya mother of three vegetarian taste of peanut dumplings, grains m prime dumplings and black glutinous rice has extraordinary taste and good taste. With meat inside, do not forget the multi-fen soup or pig blood soup, cheap bowl flavoursome and fragrant soup boil out by the big bone head with dumplings care of the stomach just good.

Want to share with friends and family can also packing on the spot delivery of home, outside the Islands, Taiwan can receive the Asya mother love to tie the meat to thirty per month cheaper price from $ 10 each tablet.

The two compete in the National Highway No. 3, the Po Interchange then 18 line to wards Alishan direction, crossing ahead of the exchange of 200 meters of the right of that is up to 21.2K at, (18 lines).
  • A Sia Dumplings Shop-Related Picture
  • A Sia Dumplings Shop-Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2300412
  • Address
  • No. 67-1, Dingzhongxia St., Fushou Vil., Zhongpu T
  • Opening Times
  • 5:00~20:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.44908   Longitude:120.4897
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