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Jhongpu TownshipFrom Ngau Tau eat to oxtailJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2021-07-22Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
From Ngau Tau eat to oxtail_Title Picture
From the Lower Ngau Tau eat oxtail

Has been operating for more than ten years old offal soup old (Taiwan cattle), toauthentic freshly slaughtered cattle for the material, the boss Zhang Zhao-class friedbeef, kung fu, in addition to food experts are often home to satisfy their craving,there are many politicians on Ali mountain before, or on the way home, the NewsHong dismount this patronizing, if visitors want to try some special stir-fried beef oroffal soup here can meet critical mouth.

Ngau Tau eat oxtail is the slogan on the boss signs not only exaggerated a bit more food experts vivid artistry, tongue, mouth meat, beef, offal, tripe, beef heart,bovine kidney, to the oxtail various cooking techniques, eat the tourists put up thumbsay praise.

Board most proud of in addition to the extraordinary cooking Cheats, and fresh,freshly slaughtered beef certificates of inspection qualified shop side of the oversizedsave refrigerator, transparent windows, see fresh, to ensure a healthy and delicious.To the insiders here mostly point beef hot pot, fried beef, offal soup and then withthe small number of seventy yuan of beef chow mein plus seventy yuan bowl of offalsoup, will be able to eat human Need.

Fried beef boss with spinach, onion and a special recipe for the delicious fried outmost is rice, diners who like to fry the beef broth and pour over the rice above,simple rice can become so delicious and moving with offal soup into a must.

Specials: offal soup, fried beef

Transportation: National Highway No. 3, two compete in the Po interchange access18 lines to Alishan direction of 22K at the top six Farmers' opposite).
  • Managing team
  • Taiwan beef beef offal Eatery
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2302860
  • Address
  • No. 39, Jinlan St., Zhongpu Township, Chiayi Count
  • Opening Times
  • 8:00~20:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.44694   Longitude:120.4928
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