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Meishan TownshipGreen Lake (Bihu) Tea GardenJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2020-05-20Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden_Title Picture
Palace of delicious food with excellent view

Only in Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden, a palace of delicious food with excellent view, can you simultaneously overlook mountain district scenes of Chiayi County and Yunlin County as well as beautiful scenery such as Tsao Ling, Ruei Li, Ruei Fong and Si Tian Wang (Four Heavenly Kings) Mountain and even catch sight of Alishan National Forest Recreation Area on sunny days.

Green Lake (Bihu) Tea Garden provides tourists amazing dining environment constituted by delicious food and landscape. Many experts like to visit this garden once going up the mountain. Specialties meticulously cooked by boss’s wife and chefs such as tender boiled chicken with soy sauce and stewed black pork not only make tourists eat with great gusto, but also let many movie and television celebrities and officials like to relax here and enjoy happiness of mountain area.

“Tender boiled chicken with soy sauce” available at the tea garden is a pride of boss’s wife. Cage free chicken is cooked by the most original method-being boiled in cold water and rubbed with salt-and then becomes unforgettable top delicacy. Stewed black pork plays an important role in dish combo; with this dish, you will eat two more bowls of rice.

If you come here with family members, you can order plum flower meal including five dishes and a bowl of soup. You can spend 1500NTDs to eat the most famous specialty here. If there’re more visitors, you can add a cup of stewed chicken with angelica keiskei or chicken with bitter tea oil. You can use Alishan’s local characteristic food to achieve culinary satisfaction.

All food materials are organic and non-pesticide local mountain products. Making sure tourists eat healthily is the boss Chen Sheng-Chung’s desire. After meal, you can ask the boss to make a cup of tea for you, and then sit on the top floor and enjoy beautiful sight of Cingshuei Valley.
  • Green-lake mountain sightseeing teaa garden
  • Green-lake mountain sightseeing teaa garden
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2571569
  • Address
  • No. 38-9, Bihu, Meishan Township, Chiayi County 60
  • Opening Times
  • 5:00~18:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.56979   Longitude:120.6258
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