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Dapu TownshipRiverside RestaurantJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2015-10-17Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Riverside Restaurant_Title Picture
Growing and uncut, live fish, 36 technical

The sun is shining in the Farmers' Association of pink bougainvillea next to the rear ofa restaurant on the sign, look to the bright and clean the glass door, boss Hong Jincan waving the hands of the chef, cooking a Road heat cooking. Hung bossoriginally studied mechanical engineering and, by virtue of its own interest in food and beverage, to return home in 1996 to open the Riverside Restaurant, the shop is always guests at his door of the holidays, showing that the craft be appreciated.

Riverside Restaurant ingredients Tseng Wen Reservoir fish catch silver carp (commonly known as the bulk of silver carp) the bulk of silver carp, tiger fish, curvedwaist fish is exceptionally fresh daily from the boss himself. Silver carp great size,weighing 16 kg on average, consumption fishbone easily removed ages cooking. "36live fish to eat" is the boss's signature unique skills, a number of fish to eat, whether it is steamed, braised, three cups, fried everything good. In addition, the casserolefish and river shrimp, garlic, fish fillet, three cups of fish, shredded bamboo shootsbroth are all the restaurants signature dishes, especially cooked casserole broth Aois a necessary point of signature dishes, main ingredients, the bulk of silver carp oil and fresh fish, was brisk flavor, golden mushrooms, fish balls, bean curd, carrots, fans and other rich ingredients ingredients coupled with the use of materials is very rich, so that guests appetizing hooked.

In addition to fresh fish stores use their own farmhouse planting vegetables, raisingchicken, stressed that a garden without pesticides, planting cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, radish, etc., keeping chickens over six months without feeding the chemicalfeed, corn, leaves and cereal feeding, sweet chicken and flexibility to provide visitorsa healthy and delicious choice.
  • Taiwanstyle Three cup gourmet
  • Riverside Reataurant
  • Tel
  • 886-5-2521555
  • Address
  • No.199-1, Dapu, Dapu Township, Chiayi County 607,
  • Opening Times
  • 10:00~ 20:00
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.2895   Longitude:120.5993
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