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Puzih CityYongfeng Spring rollsJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2022-03-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
Yongfeng Spring rolls_Title Picture
Fast to meet the giant

Entered the the Putz town market first, blowing a strong human touch, Looking back atmosphere greets, is 65 years old "Wing Fung spring rolls".

Self-made first generation, was originally known to sell the setback ice only in the Ching Ming will be the occasion to launch spring rolls. This ㄧ home spring rolls in addition to the material more delicious, the biggest feature is the amount of general spring rolls twice as large. The reason is that the people of Taiwan's early farming,in order to allow guests to eat coarse bread, have the strength to do things, a chow mein extra package. This humane move, started gradually the name of this shop,eaten, all full of praise. The first generation of Xu boss in order to meet the desire ofthe guests want to eat spring rolls every day, decided addition to the setback of ice, coupled with selling this thoughtful and humane spring rolls.

Transmission to the second generation boss Xu Yongfeng, in addition to the generation of giant weight on the inheritance, the stuffing more attention to, halogen too soft and tender stewed meat is imported, matched with fresh radish, garland chrysanthemum, tofu, served with garlic seasoning, wrapped in cotton, and Q, Run crust. Big mouth and bit off, rich taste of people food for thought, could not help but want to takeout a few go back to friends and family to share. Inside with considerate boss will free bowl Cai soup, so that we can better a real treat!

Price: (96 January), spring rolls, each 30 yuan

Boss: Xu Yongfeng
  • Tel
  • 886-5-3794025
  • Address
  • 1st Market, Puzi City, Chiayi County 613, Taiwan (
  • Opening Times
  • 8:30~23:30
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.4669   Longitude:120.2443
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