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Puzih CityThe Public RestaurantJoin Trip
Last Change Time:2022-03-21Published by:Section of Industrial Affairs
The Public Restaurant_Title Picture
Dishes on the table ─ ─ Volkswagen restaurant

Seven western-style buildings of the 1930s, the gold standard font size, healthy and delicious cuisine, professional and dedicated service attitude, captured the hearts of people. Chinese and Western space, filled with the warm breath of the hosts and the guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves, a strong human touch filled with them, which is Puzih City locals festive banquet preferred ─ ─ Volkswagen restaurant.

The popular restaurant to go orthodox desktop cuisine, local products from the coast of Chiayi County ─ ─ delicious seafood fully refined undoubtedly. Specially arranged banquet, hosted numerous government commissioned a large dinner, and then mention the signature dish, the boss Benny Chan as not hesitate to recommend two obscure dishes, one salad squid, another soil the Tuo fish Lang. When such dishes with a skeptical eye, questioning whether the end of the table table, the boss proud smile.

The first signs cold squid, different from the general nowadays for rapid alkaline hair squid practice. Chen and his family adhere to the old-fashioned dishes, dry day to betel nut flower soak squid after squid automatically reply to the fresh taste. Cooking good squid pieces and the sauce was brought to the table, at first glance there is nothing special, but the entrance of the sauce, sweet and sour sauce with fresh fresh, crisp, full of squid, like green tea like Cuimei Bingqing refreshing, it is devoured piece after piece of but could not bear that sweet and sour crisp taste, had a chance to savor, he was gulping swallow belly go and spoil the variety of food. It turned out that the boss is more than intentions, under the feet of hard labor in the sauce in cooking squid, first boiled fermented soybean juice, plus an appropriate proportion of vinegar and other seasonings, showing a slightly sweet, with a moist refreshing sweet and sour feeling. In addition to the sauce, the dish also added kimchi pickles.
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  • The Public Restaurant-Related Picture
  • The Public Restaurant-Related Picture
  • Tel
  • 886-5-3793889
  • Address
  • No. 41, Beitong Rd., Puzi City, Chiayi County 6134
  • Opening Times
  • Open all year round.11:00 ~ 8:30
  • Location coordinates
  • (WGS84) Latitude:23.4679   Longitude:120.24625
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