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  • Organization and Responsibilities
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Organization structure and responsibilities_1
There is a General Director, a Vice General Director, a Secretary and 9 units in the Bureau as below:
  • Director General
  • 1.Responsible for all business of the Bureau。
  • 2.Promote tourism development。
  • Vice director general
  • 1.Help Director General。
  • 2.Help with the marketing and management of tourism business。
  • Secretary
  • 1.Help deal with the bureau affairs。
  • 2.Inspect all business of the Bureau。
  • 3.Manage and control listed projects。
  • Planning Section
  • 1.Plan the strategies of cultural tourism development。
  • 2.Conduct market research and benefit analyses。
  • 3.Major tourism festivals and activities。
  • 4.Plan tours and routes。
  • 5.Cooperation, service and reception of cultural tourism。
  • Section of Artistic and Cultural Affairs
  • 1.Help with community development planning。
  • 2.Help implement local cultural festivals and activities。
  • 3.Plan and implement living art and public art。
  • 4.Manage cultural volunteers。
  • Section of Cultural Assets
  • 1.Protect and revitalize cultural assets。
  • 2.Protect and promote intangible cultural assets。
  • 3.Compile and promote local records and literature。
  • 4.Help and promote local folk culture arts and techniques。
  • Section of Industrial Affairs
  • 1.Help and promote cultural and creative tourism industry。
  • 2.Inspect and manage amusement parks, hotels and B&Bs。
  • 3.Manage and revitalize the tourist spots in the County。
  • 4.Manage tourism volunteers。
  • 5.Plan and manage the activities in the water area。
  • 6.Manage hot spring label and operation。
  • 7.Handle consumer disputes。
  • Section of Facilities
  • 1.Plan and design cultural tourism facilities。
  • 2.Help with obtaining the land and building。
  • 3.Plan and establish route and indices for cultural tourism area。
  • 4.Design and improve gardening in cultural tourism area.。
  • Section of Civil Affairs
  • 1.Assorted of administration affairs。
  • 2.Research and development。
  • 3.Purchasing。
  • 4.Paper work。
  • 5.General affairs。
  • 6.Cashier。
  • 7.Property management。
  • 8.Information management。
  • 9.Affairs management。
  • 10.Affairs not belonging to other sections, offices and centers。
  • Accounting Office
  • 1.Deal with budgeting, accounting and statistics according to laws。
  • Personnel Office
  • 1.Deal with personnel affairs according to laws。
  • Office of Government Ethics
  • 1.Implement ethic standard in the Bureau according to laws。
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