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Peitian Temple - Lantern Flowers
Last Change Time:2015-07-29Published by:Planning Section
Peitian Temple - Lantern Flowers_Title Picture
The Lantern Festival Lantern Flowers Custom, a seemingly ordinary folk custom, is in fact an activity that used to be only permitted in court. Peitian Temple in Puzih however, due to its relations to local royalty, gained the special treatment, being able to look at lantern flowers. In related records of the temple, Hsu, the wife of General Wang’s brother, raised Wang up since childhood. In order to thank her, General Wang asked the emperor to give Hsu a title, allowing her to view the lantern flowers every Lantern Festival at the palace. Due to her old age and inconvenience for traveling however, the emperor allowed them to set up their own lantern flowers each year during lantern festival. General Wang’s wife, who is a fervent believer of Mazu in Peitian temple, suggested the lantern flowers to be moved into Peitian temple, to celebrate Mazu’s birthday and allow other to see the beauty of these lantern flowers.

The early lantern flowers are made of fresh flowers, with oil lamp and candlelight reflecting off of them at night. Later on artificial flowers were utilized, letting the exhibition period be longer. From paper to plastic flowers, diverse designs and unique flowers were made. Every lantern festival, Puzih Peitian Temple will have an “Emperor’s Gift Lantern Flower” Exhibition. There will always be dazzling and eye-catching decorations, combined with the lantern of local people, forming a beautiful sight.
There is a local custom that said, according to legend, if one wants to ask for heirs, they can ask from Mazu for peony flowers, taking them back to worship. White flowers are for boys, and red flowers are for girls. Due to this, many couples will come to pray for children, or bring their children to thank Mazu for granting their wish, filling up the tiny Peitian temple. Due to the idiom “stealing onion sprouts, marry a good men. Stealing vegetables, marry a good husband”, there will be a local custom for girls near the age of marriage to pick the onion sprouts and vegetables. They are not, however, allowed to take them home but to leave them on the spot.

In the traditional Chinese New Year custom, the festival does not end until the15th, which is lantern festival. In this colorful lantern flowers surroundings, celebrating the end of New Years is both satisfactory and festivity.
  • Activity location
  • PeiTian Temple,Puzih City,Chaiyi City
  • Organizer
  • Puzih's PeiTian Temple Foundation
  • Activity time
  • From 2Month to 2Month ever year
  • By Car
  • National Highway Suishang Interchange → Go straight Chiapu Highway → to Puzih →Right turn at Guangfu Road.
  • By Bus
  • Bus: Take the Puzih Line Chiayi Bus till Puzih Farmer's Association, then right turn for destination.
  • Remark
  • The specific details are accurate only through the organizers' announcements on time and location, please note the website for update.
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