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Alishan Sunrise Impression
Last Change Time:2021-01-22Published by:Planning Section
Alishan Sunrise Impression_Title Picture
New Year’s Eve – Does it always have to be spent in front of a stage in an urban plaza, listening to deafening music, putting one in a suffocating crowd, counting down with music idols and politicians? The answer is no! There is a better choice at Alishan. With classical music as the emphasis, this is the most elegant countdown – “Alishan Sunrise Impression New Year’s Eve Concert”. Held by Chiayi Tourism Traveling Bureau, Chiayi Forest Area Administration, and Alishan National Scenic Area Administration, this is another top choice for a new year’s eve activity. The event is held at the famous Zushan Sun Platform, always attracting thousands of crowds up the mountain for this magical night under the starry sky and forest. The first ray of a new year’s sunlight will then be welcomed in the beautiful strains of melodious and lyrical music.

Coming to Alishan to see the sunrise have always been ranked high among the country for tourist’s choice. Every holiday, tourists will always sacrifice sleep, waiting for the bright golden sunlight to burst through from the sea of clouds. Every New Year’s sunrise therefore, is known as a even more meaningful tourist attraction, a moment that can’t be missed by photography enthusiasts and medias. The Sunrise Impression welcomes tourist to escape from the busy urban life and come up the mountain, looking at the beautiful sight and enjoying lovely music. Welcoming a new year in this atmosphere is definitely a new ceremony brightening up one’s day and soul.

This unique concert, started since 2002, has been updating its performances. Besides inviting a famous orchestra and musicians, they also invite Chiayi local music bands and Alishan Tsou tribe’s traditional and music bands to perform. Past performers include Formosa String Quartet, Taiyi Drum Band, Paidi prince Chang Zhong Li, 1999 America Jazz Harp Competition winner Li Zhe Yi, National Violin master Lin Hui Jun, singers such as Ouyang Hui Ru, Shi Xiao Rong, Gao Hui Jun of the Tsou tribe, musician Fan Zhong Pei, Music Gate band, Zeus Band, Chiayi University Philharmonic Orchestra, Cotton Tree Blossom Orchestra, Tsou tribe bands such as Laiji Village Hamowana and Tea Mountain Village Jiayama, Ten Drum bands, Eurasia Chamber Orchestra, Piano Prince Eric Chen, Xian yu Xian Orchestra, Vocalist Chang Ya Han, Chen Jingyao……….. from large orchestras, drum performances, to Tsou traditional music, these music performances fully embody Chiayi / Alishan music culture. No longer will you have to worry about an exhausted New Year’s Eve shouting crazily. Alishan’s concert is the real smart choice, beckoning the heart of those looking forward to the sunrise.

The temperature difference for winter in Alishan is huge, with an especially low temperature at night. Tourists should remember to bring warm clothing. The details for each events are different each year. The specific details are accurate only through the organizers' announcements on time and location, please note the website for update.
  • Activity location
  • Alishan Forest Recreation Area
  • Organizer
  • Alishan National Scenic Area Administration
  • Activity time
  • From 1Month to 1Month ever year
  • By Car
  • The main road for Alishan area is Provincial Highway 18, following the highway and turn right at 36K (Longmei) to reach Shanmei, Hsinmei, and Chashan. Turn right at 50Km(Shizhuo) for Dabang, Tefuye, Lijia. Left at County Route 169 for Fencihu, Rueili, Reuifung, Taihe, connect to Chia 155 for Laiji, Fungshan. Furthermore, other entrances of this area includes entering from the south Provincial Highway 3 through Chashan, North from County Route 162 through Meishan, and east from Provincial Highway
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