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Chiayi Temple Chong Shui Lu
Last Change Time:2016-04-14Published by:Planning Section
Chiayi Temple Chong Shui Lu_Title Picture
There are two Jiaying Temples in Budai town, one being Budai Jiaying Temple, the other being Hsinwen Jiaying Temple. While Budai jiaying Temple has the custom of burning king boat, the Hsinwen Jiaying Temple has the custom of “Chong Shui Lu Welcoming gods”. This rare Chong Shui Lu ceremony has a long history. Legends say that March 27 of the Chinese calendar is the birthday of Dai tian Xun Shou. In particular, there will be seven mountain guards royal highness and thirteen sea guard royal highness coming as “guests” for the Jiaying Temples. They will first be gathered on a “shapeless” boat out at sea, and then come into Hsinwen with the rising tide, accepting the worship of local believers. The local gods will then welcome them with Chong Shiulu. This event attracts many believers and sedans from all over the country to join in. Other gods such as those from Lucao, Peitian Temple etc. will also be part of the welcoming crowd.

Before the start of the activity, there will be a formation ready to go to the “King Ship Port”, with a specific order for some to be seated on the “four sedans” and other gods in the temple in the “eight seats”. When the time arrives, they will move towards the dock, with the others following behind them. The percussion team will beat their gongs and drums the whole way, and the formation will last several hundred meters long.
This large formation will arrive at the King Ship Dock, crowding the place. On the dock, there will be all kind of performances from the sedan chairs. When the tide started rising, the sea will leak into the dock, raising the sea level. The leaders will lead others into a worship, while the dragon group and the cow group goes down into the water at the west and east side of the dock. When the time comes, when they feel the arrival of the gods, they will rush into the water with others following behind them. Believers on land will shout and wave flags, beating war drums and setting of firecrackers. Until they feel the arrival of the royal highness, they will get off the water and back on land. On the way back, the believers will all kneel on the ground, fighting to get under the carriage, praying for the blessings of the gods. The formation will go from the dock back to the Jiaying Temples, with everlasting sounds of firecrackers and worshipers holding incenses welcoming the guests.

Once the formation returns back to the temple, strings of firecrackers will be released, forming think smoke. At the order of “Yi Wang ye”, they people will lead the guests into the temple, letting them sit in the central altar for worshippers. “Yi Wang Ye” will also wait until the end of the performances to go into the temple, completing the “Chong Shui Lu Welcoming gods” ceremony.

After welcoming the gods, the town will have a series of traditional performances that doesn’t end until the 18th of next day. The sending gods ceremony will be led by “Yi Wang ye”, where they are escorted by the “four sedans” and accompanied by small gongs and trumpets in a quiet manner back to the doc. Under the order of ‘Yi Wang Ye”, they will burn gifts and money for the guests, and this event will not end until the gods leave.
  • Activity location
  • Budai Township, Chaiyi County
  • Organizer
  • Hsinwen Jiaying Temple
  • Activity time
  • From 3Month to 3Month ever year
  • By Car
  • Provincial Highway 17 → left turn for West Coast Highway → South for Xin Weng Fishing for final destination.
  • By Bus
  • Bus: Take the Chiayi Bus for Hsingwen line, get off at Hsingwen station then walk to the fisheries then turn left.
  • Remark
  • The specific details are accurate only through the organizers' announcements on time and location, please note the website for update.
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