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Alishan Sakura Season
Last Change Time:2021-01-21Published by:Planning Section
Alishan Sakura Season_Title Picture
Alishan has a mixture of flowers, with cherry blossoms as the king, earning the name as “Sakura”. Every spring, all kinds of sakuras will blossom one after another on the mountain. The most well-known sakura season on Alishan is from the middle of Marsh to the middle of April.

Taiwan’s geographic location has a subtropical climate. After the first success in 1903 by the Japanese to introduce Yoshino Sakura, they began planting more types of cherry blossoms. Adding on to native species, the cherry blossoms in Alishan include: Mountain Sakura (Prunus campanulata): a native kind of Taiwan, also known as Fei Han Cherry Blossoms, last about one to two months. The color is crimson, bell-shaped flowers. They are the most gorgeous and earlier flowers.

Yoshino Sakura: they are the main character of the Alishan Sakura Season. This is a species imported from Japan, and there are now approximately 1900 trees. There are white and pink flowers, opened usually around mid-March.
Thousand Island Sakura (Prunus nipponica): one petal for each flowers, bigger than yoshino cherry blossoms and a pale pink. Blooming period around early March.
Oshima Sakura: Single petal flowers, white, bigger than most, opened around April.
Pu Xian Xiang Sakura: Usually around 30 – 35 flower petals, pale red, center nearly white, best viewing period around late March till mid-April.
Peony Sakura: About 15 flower petals, pale red, opened around late March to mid-April.
Dongjin Sakura: About 10 – 20 petals, best viewing period is late March to mid-April.

There are always over 3000 cherry blossoms tree blooming during Alishan Sakura Season, attracting tourists up to look at the beautiful sight. Photo enthusiasts also seek out this opportunity to capture unforgettable sights. The best place to look at sakura is also the best place for taking pictures, near Mei Yuan and the police station. Other sites include Alishan Guest House Square, Railway, and Alishan workshop to San Fa Mu Trail etc. In addition, you can also see old Japanese buildings with Yoshino sakura along that trail. Those who are familiar with the Alishan Sakura should know that there is a Sakura King for Alishan’s Yoshino Sakura in front of the Alishan Workshop. It is usually the first to bloom in the sakura season. Judging from her flowering situation, one can predict how the sakura season will be like. The Research Center even installed a camera to monitor her situation. Besides Sakura, there are also many other flowers in bloom during the season at middle to high sea level.

Spring is the season where everything revives. The trees are filled with tender green shots, the flowers competing with each other. This is the best time for an outing to the nature, enjoying the goodness of life while taking a deep breath next to mountains and grass fields.

The mountain roads are ever changing with signs not as specific as the cities one. Tourists are advised to contact the Alishan Youth Activity Center before departure.
  • Activity location
  • Alishan Township, Chaiyi County
  • Organizer
  • No
  • Activity time
  • From 3Month to 4Month ever year
  • By Car
  • 1. National Highway 1 off Chiayi Interchange →County Route 159 to Chiayi City →Go along Provincial Highway 18 (Shixian Rd., Wufeng S. Rd.) to connect to Alishan Highway→ left turn at 71.5 km → go forward for three km
    2. Get off at Second South Freeway Zhongpu Interchange → Go to Chukuo, connect to Alishan Highway → left turn at 71.5 Km → Go straight for 3 km for final destination.
  • By Bus
  • 1. Take the Forest Railway from Chiayi Train Station North Gate. Get off at Er Wan Ping Station. Note: the times for public transportation are not as frequent, visitors are advised to search up the times beforehand.
  • Remark
  • The specific details are accurate only through the organizers' announcements on time and location, please note the website for update.
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